Beauty-fashion images from the shows sixth day of UFW SS18 © Oleg Batrak,

During the sixth day of Ukrainian Fashion Week her new collection spring-summer of 2018 showed such designers as Natalya Grechanaya, Ivan FOTESKO, Darja DONEZZ, Komashnya, CHUYKO, ZALEVSKIY.


The most interesting is always to go right behind the scenes of fashion shows. There are famous makeup artists and hairdressers do wonders and implement different ideas of fashion designers. So, during the sixth day of UFW SS18 makeup artists decided to diversify a bit boring makeup “without makeup”. Designer brand Sistan Varvara decided to introduce a bright and unusual make-up in orange and green shades. But ZALEVSKIY and Kir-Khartley demonstrated makeup in white tones in the form of arrows, ink and multiple stained eyebrows, a very bold option. Of course, not without dark lipsticks, which will be at the peak of popularity in spring-summer of 2018.

Hairstyles during the sixth day of UFW SS18 was as ordinary and beyond the original: multi-colored hair in the form of beams, elegant Hollywood curls, casual curls, and even wigs in the form of a foam, as shown by the famous us designer ZALEVSKIY.

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