Degrade one of the most fashionable colour techniques, how beautiful, is just as easy. To achieve the effect of degrade – that is, a smooth transition shades, the so-called «extensions» hair color – you can and at home, using the most common paint for the hair and, having spent very little time. If you strictly follow our photo master class, you will only have a stylish effect of degrade the hair without the special efforts.

What degrade?

Before proceeding to modern dyeing and try to achieve the effect of degrade at home, let’s see what the staining of degrade? Its name, this fashionable technique coloring received from the French word degrade, which literally means «semitone». And indeed, the secret beauty of this color in the mid-tones, smooth transition shades of hair from one to another, darker, more light (and sometimes Vice versa). It is interesting that degrade – this phenomenon is not new: color transitions in Vogue back in the seventies, it is true, then most of this equipment was used for creation of clothes. And only recently thanks to the numerous Hollywood stars has gained popularity and staining degrade.

To make the painting degrade at home, it is important to choose paint for the hair. If you are by nature quite dark hair (for example, dark blonde or brown hues), you most likely need to ammonium paint – usual «light» ammonia-free paint the desired effect will not give. In addition, an important part of the painting shampoo or any other тонирующее means by which we will align the final color of the hair.

Be sure to pick up the shades of paint that is best for you – otherwise after colouring degrade your hair will look as if you just forget time to paint over the roots, colouring is untidy and unnatural.

How to make degrade in the home: a photo master class

Exactly following the manufacturer’s instructions, and mix the paint for the hair, usually complete with paint is a special bottle with applicator, but you can mix the paint, as this is done in the salon in a plastic vessel.

Fasten the upper sections of hair on the top and put the paint on the bottom strands of hair on the whole length of the strand, and only half, especially carefully прокрашивая tips. Depending on the chosen style of coloring, you can brighten tips or paint over the strand three-quarter length, in this case, all depends on your desire.

If initially you a lighter shade of hair, to achieve the effect of degrade need a second color of paint, who will need to paint over the top of the hair. If you’ve got the nature of dark hair, and for colouring of degrade required only lighten the lower part of the strands, you can skip this step. Прокрашивая the upper part of the second hair tint, be sure to wear clean gloves!

Carefully прокрашиваем all strands to the final shade was smooth and natural.

Causing all the paint for the hair, keep within the recommended time (usually twenty to thirty minutes, depending on the intensity of paint and original hair color), then rinse with and dry. That’s all – effect degrade, smooth mobility shades of color from dark to light achieved! The result of your colour in the home is supposed to be about the same as that in these photos before and after application of degrade:

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