Окрашивание тон в тон: фото до и послеMost women dye hair? Someone is trying to cardinally change the image, becoming, for example, from a modest Rusa in a luxurious and fatal platinum blonde.

Some staining try to hide the signs of age, disguise treacherously appears gray. However, most not too quite the color of the hair, which endowed by nature, and consider it not enough deep and expressive.

To correct this defect, give the natural tone of luxurious Shine and saturation will help the advanced technology of hair coloring tone, it will be discussed in our article.

Staining tone: before and after photos

Hair color tone does not imply a fundamental change in the color, using this technology, you can only deepen their own shade of meaning or change it for a couple of tones. That gives a similar staining?

First of all, it helps to mask the gray roots, and the main mass add color. Secondly, dull natural colors such as brown or red acquire additional luster, become multi-faceted and rich.

As is known, hair color is heterogeneous: some strands of light faded in the sun, with any person had vanished preceding the highlights. As a result of staining tone for the account of such order are created interesting glare, play, change of color.

Окрашивание тон в тон: фото до и после

Окрашивание тон в тон: фото до и после

Окрашивание тон в тон: фото до и после

Окрашивание тон в тон: фото до и после

What keeps staining tone

How much will hold a new color will depend exclusively on the type of dye. A tint of tools will give the desired tone and not spoil the hair, however, and they quickly washed away, and staining procedure tone will need to be regularly repeated. Standard paint will last a few months or even longer if you follow all the recommendations for the care of hair.

Manufacturers coloring funds are constantly developing new dyes, minimally traumatic hair. So, L’oreal offers for hair dyeing tone of funds Диалайт and Даришесс.

Calling the new products of truly revolutionary, the manufacturer promises its clients fiber recovery, vinyl gloss, smooth and rich color, gray shading. Lack of аммика ensures gentle treatment of the hair, in addition, depending on the desired result, you can pick the desired оксидент. In

result coloring you can lighten the tone 1.5 shade or dim the maximum for 4. Extremely popular today, and the technology Иноа carrying pigment right in the core of the hair, giving not only color, but also Shine, and health curls.

Staining tone: contraindications

If you have a lot of gray hair, then this technique will not work, because during the dyeing not planning to change the natural pigmentation of the hair. To hide the gray hair, you should use a more radical means. Not suitable staining tone and owners of a bleached blonde hair that has lost its natural color.

To turn from a platinum blonde in a brunette or red, will have to use a multi-stage system of colouring, to take time and patience. Colour tone – an excellent opportunity to refresh the image, without resorting to drastic measures. It’s also good for those who are just starting experiments with appearance.

No serious changes will not bring and disappointments. In any case, do not forget to prepare your hair for the procedure: them thoroughly moisten and energize. In this case, and the pigment is distributed more evenly, and the appearance is more well-groomed.

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