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Stylish haircut is an important part of the stylish and smart image. When your hair is properly trimmed, it saves time on styling and uplifting. Let’s see how looks stylish short haircut with bangs.

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Short hair and bangs in 2017 — rather controversial combination as it’s very difficult to do my hair so that the bangs are not cut the forehead, and the haircut didn’t look masculine. However, everything is possible, if done correctly. For example, it is understood that the fringe is not always “smooth square” on the forehead. The bangs are a huge number of variations, one of which is sure to suit your face shape.

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To far to walk and not much to tell, we have prepared for you a selection of stylish short hairstylesthat can be worn together with bangs.

  • Cascade with bangs

Cascade haircut never goes out of fashion. Its main advantage is total flexibility and convenience. Due to its “ragged” texture that it requires only lightweight installation, which you will be able to achieve, waving a couple of times, comb and Hairdryer. The right haircut cascade is ideal for fine hair — voluminous hairstyle with a cascade guaranteed. Bangs will help to refresh your look and add a bit of lightness and dresscode along with the cascade.

  • Kare / Bob with bangs

Elongated Kare, the classic Bob, a traditional Bob. These short haircuts are outside trends that suit almost every face shape, and bangs will help to adapt this incredible hair, even under the most fastidious face shape. Long bangs or short bangs — choose most suitable variant and bravely.

  • Garcon haircut with bangs

Haircut Garson — haircut business womanwho appreciates style and wants to spend time on sophisticated styling. Garcon is perfect for girls with unruly hair. It doesn’t require installation, but looks incredibly stylish. But, unfortunately, suitable for girls with oval face shape.

  • Pixie with bangs

Pixie haircut goes with trending positions longer than one year. Stylish and comfortable, it will refresh your image, will greatly simplify the lives and will just look outstanding.

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