Разговаривать с самим собой полезно для мозгов


05/07/2013 comment

Often catch myself on the fact that you talk aloud by yourself? Relax, it doesn’t mean that you’re a typical client of a therapist. 

Self-talk is not a mental deviation from the norm, sometimes it even can be very useful for the work of brain. Such conclusion scientists have helped to make repeated studies of psychologists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Conclusions of specialists could prove a simple experiment, which was attended by two groups of people. The first group of volunteers had to look for things in the room which had been hidden, and commenting on their actions. Participants of the second group were looking for things in silence.

The results of this experiment were quite stunning – «talkers» several times faster coped with the task to find hidden things in the room, than those who silently sought necessary.

As the scientists explain, it helps a person to accelerate thinking and finding the necessary and proper. Reciting aloud task likelihood that we’ll do it, increases several times. Thoughts aloud make us focus and help organize those thoughts.

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