Техника калифорнийского мелирования волос: пошаговое видео как сделатьCalifornia is one of the most famous American States. Even those who have never been in the New world know this heavenly place on the films and TV series.

Golden beaches, wide paths, girls luxurious, magnificent in its natural beauty. Their gold, slightly faded in the sun hair, – the subject of dreams of all women without exception.

And today, California’s appearance can be achieved by referring to the stylist, whose armed have a procedure such as the California highlights. What does it do?

Your hair will look natural, individual, the lighter ones, like the Sunny, visually add hair volume. Shiny silky curls soft caramel color will make you like the movie stars.

Additional advantages of the absence of necessity often dye hair, as well as the opportunity to recover its natural color. Intrigued? Want to try? We offer you a step-by-step technology of the fulfillment of California highlighting and detailed video.

Video: how to make California highlights at home

Step-by-step technique California highlighting hair

It should be stipulated: the name of the “Californian highlights” denotes rather the result, rather than refers to a separate technique. Selecting a method of painting depends on the original color and condition of hair. Brunettes requires a small clarification, blondes Vice versa.

The main thing that unites the various techniques – tech California highlighting does not involve the use of the foil. Staining is produced at the “open air”, is less damaged hair structure, they look healthy and shiny.

The result is pleasing honey-Golden curls with lighter bright Shine and natural roots. Will tell you how to do this. In the salons of the most commonly used technology, dubbed “the Painting”. For the beginning it is necessary to mix the dye.

Техника калифорнийского мелирования волос: пошаговое видео как сделать

For this purpose undertakes the basic composition and oxidizing agent in a ratio of 1:1. Magnificent means, allowing to achieve the desired result are FreeStyle Colours from Wella.

Method of staining was позамствован of painting and allows you to create unusual color effects. Color becomes a deep and multi-dimensional, different shades gently into one another, you can perform the so-called stretch colors.

Another option clarifier – pasta platinum from L’oreal. Its advantage is easy to apply with consistency and that it is in the clear for a long time does not dry. Popular with professionals use drugs and Magma.

Further we allocate strands. They should be in the width from 1 to 1.5 cm and be arranged in a checkerboard pattern. Screwed her in bunches, which is applied to Dodge. You must work quickly, holding a brush in parallel hair. Don’t need to carefully прокрашивать, it should only affect the surface, not penetrating into the depths. Foil when highlighting is not used.

The beam can disintegrate and Dodge fall on the other locks, there’s nothing wrong, so staining will look more natural. If you want to avoid such – route between strands cloth napkins.

As a result of the California highlighting light shade of hair attached depth, dark – is becoming more multi-faceted. Do you Californian highlights at home or salon, a result you will be pleasantly pleased.

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