Как лечить простудуPain in the throat, stuffy nose, increased body temperature, drowsy state and ringing in the ears – cold always comes at the wrong time. And almost all dream of a hurry to get rid of it: someone is in a hurry to return to paid work, someone does not want to spoil a holiday, someone is afraid to infect infection loved ones. In any case, in respect of a morbid condition pleasant enough, but because it will be useful to know, than to treat colds.

Firstly, I have to believe your body and to start not make obstacles for самооздоровления:

  • Do not shoot down the temperature, if it is below 38 degrees.
  • Do not take drops for the nose, which constricts blood vessels.
  • Do not drink pills, suppress cough.

However, if the body temperature rises above 38 degrees, it’s time to take action. A lot of drink – drinking plenty of fluids will contribute to accelerated sweating, and since then, cold go away faster. Come and decoctions of herbs, teas, juices and fruit drinks, most importantly, that they were warm, but not too hot or too cold. Well пропотеть help tea with raspberry, honey, or phony. And cranberry juice is considered to be the most effective anti-inflammatory and antipyretic agent. Do not forget to ventilate the room in which you are, after all, the air should be continuously updated and be cool. If the temperature of the body remains the same high, take a tablet of paracetamol and call the GP, he always tells, than to treat colds.

If You have a runny nose, do not worry – so the body is struggling with a cold and does not allow the infection to penetrate further on the mucous membranes in the throat and respiratory tract. In any case, you cannot use the vasoconstrictive drops in the nose, they will do it only worse, a runny nose does not cure and the cause of addiction. Better use of the drops of the oil content of eucalyptus or fir – they will facilitate breathing and reduce the amount of mucus. If You prefer folk methods of treatment and even Your grandmother told, than to treat coldstry to inhalation of steam potatoes or warm-up nose heated in a pan salt, wrapped in a cloth bag.

Pain in the throat is best to shoot the routine rinsing broth chamomile or sage, warm salted water or a water solution of soda and iodine. If You tormented with a dry cough, take a need to mucolytics, which diluting and increase the phlegm. If the cough is damp, it’s time to take expectorant drugs. And do not set yourself antibacterial sprays, they should be taken only after consultation with a physician.

But in General, the disease better to prevent than to treat, so take care of yourself and stay healthy!

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Many believe abundant mucus from the nose, in the absence of other symptoms of colds, absolutely harmless disease, and because hardly anyone thinks about how to treat a runny nose.

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