Winter is not a reason to forget about yourself and your body. On the contrary, there are certain procedures, which in the winter season will give even better results. What are these procedures?

Honey massage

Honey massage – it is a very popular method in the fight against cellulite. The essence of the its in the medicinal effects of honey on the skin and metabolic processes in the body, and massage that improves blood circulation.

Even honey incredibly effectively removes toxins from the body. Deep under the skin, honey absorbs all the accumulated slag, with the result that after a massage instead of transparent honey on кожеостаются dirty-yellow, sometimes even grey flakes.

The full and effective cleansing of the integument can’t give no other therapeutic or cosmetic. As a result of the procedure increases skin turgor and elasticity, dissolve the subcutaneous fat of the capsule.

The cost of the procedures honey massage from private specialists – from 150 UAH. In the salons of the beauty of the price several times higher. In order to honey massage has had effect, you need to undergo a course of 10-15 massages with periodicity once in two days. Accordingly, the cost of the course honey massage will cost you at least 1500 – 2000 UAH.

Hydro massage bath with color therapy

Bath bubbles, increasing the protective properties of the skin, ruthlessly smash tubercles cellulite and easily rid of extra pounds. In addition, warm water with added (on your wish) curative salts, herbs or essential oils expands blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, stimulates blood circulation, relaxes and gives the feeling of lightness.

The approximate cost in Kiev: about 150-200 UAH.


The essence of the procedure аэрокриотерапии looks like the following: you will be placed in a special cabin, full of cold vapor of liquid nitrogen, which temperature reaches -160 With not more than in 3 minutes.

The doctor who controls the entire session, the pre-adjusts the camera on the rise, and thus, to the head and neck remained above capsule criosaunas.

Cryosauna gives a lot of positive effects on the body and the body. Accelerates the metabolism, a powerful emission of endorphins – the hormones of happiness.

Thanks to the improvement of blood circulation in the skin optimized metabolic processes, there has been improvement of skin elasticity, it becomes younger.

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The most attractive effect after visiting criosaunas can be considered anti-cellulite action cold.

Depending on the weight of the body, you can lose during the procedure of 1000 kcal. On average lose weight on 7-10 kg over the course of 20-30 procedures.

It is noteworthy that the calories go not only during the session, but also for a long time after it is due to the normalization of metabolic processes, accelerated the breakdown of fats.

Paraffin therapy

This procedure consists of a soft exfoliation using отшелушивающего scrub, paraffin mask, a relaxing, soft massage. Paraffin therapy is carried out by application to the skin of the feet warm paraffin with the addition of herbs and oils. He for a long time retains heat, stimulating the lymphatic and blood circulation, the disclosure of time. Displays all of the slag and toxins.

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Fish peeling

The most sophisticated procedure for legs – fish peeling. Small fish of the carp family Garra Rufus not only removes unpleasant, ороговевшую the skin of the feet, but also make a relaxing pressure point massage. Most importantly, decide засунусть feet in the aquarium with the fish and put them on the “fuel”.

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