Most of the berries and fruits contain a lot of pectin, so brewed from them jam for winter or other sweet billets, which are prepared in a cold way, can turn into the real thing jelly. Such jelly jam will be a special texture, very different from the traditional jam or marmalade.

For example, jam-jelly currant an excellent layer in cakes, biscuits and cakes, making them extremely tasty with delicate fruit and berry flavour and pleasant slightly sour taste. Always ordinary strawberry jam or jelly currant, submitted to the traditional tea-table, can be successfully replaced by even the most clever desserts. In addition, it can be made in advance, and in suitable simply do an audit of its reserves to select and open a jar and enjoy the taste and aroma of warm summer. Do not forget to make the blackcurrant jelly.

Recipe black currant jelly

What good is this recipe? The matter is that the store is the blackcurrant jelly can be at room temperature, and this is useful if there is a special place for storage preparations for the winter. In addition, the prescription currant jelly quite simple and fast. They need only berries and sugar. For every kilogram of currant take one and a half to two kilograms of sugar.

Preparation berries

For a successful black currant jelly, are best suited for a little unripe berries. They are much more желирующего substances – pectin. As of the ripe berries jelly will tastier, only it will not be so dense. You should carefully go through berries, rejecting too green or spoiled, separating random garbage from twigs and leaves. Then gently wash and dry перебранную currant. Follow the exact proportions, if you want to achieve classical taste. In case when you have no special kitchen scales, you can help the following information: in a quart jar is placed approximately seven hundred grams of berries.

Selection of cookware

If you want to know how to prepare jelly currant, so that it came out perfect, then you should know some secrets. For example, find good utensils for cooking. Well take advantage of the special copper basin for jam or very wide pan with a sufficiently thick bottom, which will save Housewives from the burning of the product. In any case, do not use enameled pots , because there jelly sure to heat up! The second secret: the layer berries should not be too big to excess moisture could quickly enough to evaporate through the wide open surface of a large pelvis or the pan. In case when you do not have a suitable dishes, you will need to cook berries parties.

Cooking jelly

Berries should be poured with cold drinking or boiled tap water so that they are slightly covered. Approximately two glasses of water for kilogram currant will be sufficient. Bring to a boil over medium heat, after, reduce to the minimum, to cook for fifteen minutes. Don’t forget to mix berries and in time remove the foam. After half an hour, add berries whole norm of sugar (calculate the right amount of weight berries in the basin), a good stir and bring again a lot to a boil. Cook jelly again fifteen minutes, stirring constantly and removing the foam. At the end of the thickened jelly begins to stick to the walls of the pelvis. You should not confuse it should be technology. Don’t worry that it is not dense enough – after it cools it becomes much thicker. Removing jelly with fire, lay it in the prepared dry banks, close when using conventional kapron or metal screw caps. When storing good use, under the covers circles of paper soaked in vodka or alcohol that will save jelly from any mould.

Preparation of desserts: currant jelly with gelatin

Black currant is possible to prepare jelly and other means. Only in this case we will not logging in winter, and delicious fruit dessert – jelly black currants. To do this we need 300 gr. fresh or frozen berries, 1 package of gelatin (10-15 gr.) 1/2 Cup of water, 1/2 Cup of cream, 1 Cup powdered sugar. Soak gelatin in a half glass of water and give him swell for fifteen minutes. For gelatin quick-cooking this time is not necessary – planted it with water immediately prior to the addition of the berries. Currant in a pan, pour incomplete Cup powdered sugar (leave two tablespoons) and pour a glass of cold water. After boiling, boil our lot for twenty minutes, using a very small fire. Hot jelly strain through a sieve. Berries пересыпаем in another bowl, and the syrup mixed with gelatin and warm it up until dissolved gelatin. Very important! Don’t let the syrup boil, because in this case your jelly will not thicken. Hot jelly pour into molds and leave to harden for six hours. Before dessert submit to the table, we must prepare a deferred berry puree, using a blender or mixer. The resulting puree, add the remainder of powdered sugar and cream and mix thoroughly. Jelly turn from the molds on a plate and pour cream-currant puree. Garnish with fresh berries and leaves of Melissa.

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