Современное поколение меньше занимается сексом, чем предыдущее


09/08/2016 comment

American experts have found, are there any differences between the saturation of the sexual life of the young and older generations. As it turned out, people born between 1965 and 1980, had sex significantly more often than those who were born after 1981.

Researchers conducted an extensive survey among 28 000 respondents, finding out all about the frequency of sexual relations older and modern generations, as well as knowing the age at which the survey participants have started to live a sexual life. As it turned out as a result, generation X (people born until 1981) began to have sex at an earlier age than generation Y (surveyed men and women born later).

So, 15% of respondents, which appeared at the dawn of the ‘ 90s, said goodbye to my virginity after 18 years old, but among the respondents, vodivshihsya them parents, this figure barely reached 6%. Besides, if in the early nineties, students engage in early sex in 51% of cases, while in 2015 the number has declined to 41%.

According to researchers, the representatives of the modern generation relate to the choice of sexual partners is much more sensitive. Plus, the active use of the Internet and the availability of easy access to pornographic materials have changed the requirements of young people – today, people often prefer Dating online, time in front of a live meeting to get to know a potential partner as best as possible. All this, of course, contributes to the formation of stronger unions in the future.

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