The fastest fish pie “it’s my bullet wound. Just a few minutes and done a magnificent feast. My quick fish pie is very tasty and instantly creates a festive atmosphere.

рыбный пирогThe fastest fish pie, ingredients

– canned fish in oil – 1 of the Bank; source

– potatoes – 4 pieces;

black pepper;

– herbs – 1 bunch;

– onions – 1 piece;

– vinegar – 1 tea spoon;

– soda – half teaspoon;

– salt – 1 tea spoon;

hen eggs – 3 pieces;

– milk – 50 g;

– sour cream – 100-gram;

– 100 grams of mayonnaise; source

– wheat flour – I got to the eye (further in the text will be clear how much to take).

The fastest fish pie – cooking

1. Carefully mixed up to homogeneous state eggs, salt, milk, sour cream, mayonnaise.

2. Add to the mixture гашенную vinegar baking soda. source

3. Gradually introduce the flour, to make the dough with the consistency of like a thick cream. The resulting dough should not be too quickly drain with a spoon.

4. Clean from peel the onion and fry it in a small amount of oil (butter).

5. Clean from the skin potatoes, RUB it on a large grater and add to it cooked onions and finely chopped herbs.

6. Salt and pepper to taste.

7. Open the canned fish, extract the pieces of fish and banks, loosen up with a fork and mix with a raw egg.

8. Coated with butter form for the baking, pour in her part of the test, and try to make so that the sides of the forms were обмазаны test (in order to fish pie came out closed).

9. Spread evenly potato stuffing, then fish and pour all the remnants of the test.

10. Выпекаем at a temperature of 175a € ” 180 degrees in the oven for about half an hour.

11. Take out the fish pie and cools to room temperature.

All the fastest fish pie is ready. source

A pleasant appetite!

I do adore fast pies. Recipes of fast Pirogov always take with me in my cookbook special place.

And when you want something tasty and quick, that I choose quick pie, which most of all I want right now and very quickly it cook. And when the cook, the smell gathers so much eaters that it always turns out to be little.

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