We continue to learn secrets of style TV presenters in category «Girl from the display. Last time our heroine was Solomiya Vitvitskaya, and today Marichka Padalko, leading «TSN» and «Маричкиного cinema» on the channel «1+1».

– Tell us, how was your ethereal style?

In this season the style I’ve created a Ukrainian designer Anna Bublik. I really liked the silhouette dress moderately strict, laconic lines reminded me of the heroine Natalia Andreichenko in the movie of our childhood «Meri Poppins, goodbye». For me it was a discovery that the lower part of the wardrobe with a silhouette of полуклеш can look modern and ideal as I think fit. We repeated this discovery of a few essential costumes. Ilona Namazov, chief stylist «1+1», defines my ethereal style as informal business with a focus on elegance.  

– What are the things you never put in the frame?

– In the Studio never want to dress chiffon or guipure, although some of it really well.

Do you adhere to the broadcasting of the image outside the frame or your style in real life differs from him?

– No, it is not necessary. In real life, I, despite his small stature, almost never wear heels. My casual style defines my daily schedule. I live in the centre of the city, as very much moved by foot, including children. So for me the main thing in clothing, convenience and a practicality.

– What are your favorite things in the wardrobe? What are linked interesting stories? 

– This dress 7 years. Especially for me it have sewn Ukrainian designer Iryna Karavai. I managed to put it just a few times and became pregnant with the first child. Because it was made strictly on the figure, it can be frozen for a long time on the home hanger: for the next three and a half years I have one after another had three children, and return to the form, which would allow to put on a dress, I do not have time. The youngest daughter for two years already, and I don’t only then влажу, I’m still behind procrastinate on it ties to contact with the waist. For me this dress is a symbol of my very hard fight for the return of the form.

– Did spend the last money on a new dress?

– Remember exactly how I dress spent their first earned money. Тридцять dollars for translation from English instruction for use of the mobile phone were a serious amount in the nineties. And now I can spend on clothes large amount of unscheduled from the family budget, but from the age when a fashionable new dress is above all, I have been increased.

– Without a things you cannot submit your closet?

– My гардерб impossible to imagine not without some particular thing, and no one mandatory details: in any clothing, whether terrestrial, casual or evening, must be discernible waist line. This is required by the features of my figure. Therefore, whether this thing is trendy, I won’t wear it if it is not приталена.

– Do you like Ukrainian designers? Do the shows?

– Really like. Many models of clothes differ originality, brightness, good taste and close to me in spirit. Try to see the novelties of the season or on shows or in the showrooms. Especially mentally always to visit Christina Bobkova. We met back in 2008, when she sewed costumes all participants of the project «Dancing for you», in which I have participated. I plan to visit in the new season shows of Ukrainian designers at Ukrainian Fashion Week.

The Council Марички Padalko for readers: Fashion and trends are important, interesting and necessary, but the individuality of clothes, are more important in our time it is part of the characteristics of a successful person. Be successful in life and career and find their unique way!

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