Us sometimes it seems that some Ukrainian TV presenters really a hologram or some wonderful robots – so perfect they appear on the screen. To ensure that girls are true, and at the same time learn the secrets of their style, we have decided to get acquainted with them personally, and even glance in their wardrobes.

The first hero of the rubric «the Girl with the screen became the presenter of the program «TSN. Особливе» on channel «1+1» Solomiya Vitvitskaya. Bright brunette Solomiya appears on the screen in a very feminine outfits that sews for her designer Olga Навроцкая. In addition, the display image controls stylist channel, and an example is Monica Bellucci. However, this does not mean that Salome have to dress up «on order» – she loves feminine style and participates in the creation of costumes.

– Solomiya, how was your current screen image?

– About a year ago we canal came stylist Ilona Namazov. With the advent I began to look younger, for example, makeup became softer, without red lipstick and dark eye liner. Dress became more feminine, with a silhouette of the hourglass, the length of the «MIDI» (however, later they had to shorten). Of course, some people have criticized these changes, but I like them very much.

Соломия Витвицкая, гримерка

 – But to appear at public events leading stylists prepare channel?

– Yes, the campaigns of the parties, concerts, different activities they also help to prepare control clothes, hairstyle, make-up. On the one hand, it is convenient, on the other – is very obliging, you should always look good in the photos. However, I still can’t very long to keep themselves in the hands of all these events, I am filled with a sense of humor to secular life.

– How much is your display style different from what you wear in real life?

“As for me life is almost always wear dresses. Jeans and pants I wear only for riding and skiing. Even when I go to the Carpathians. And Yes, last year I went to the mountains in the dress. It is convenient and comfortable. Perhaps when this year we will go to the Carpathians, I’ve had some followers.

I like to combine the skirts of t-shirts, often designer. For example, I have a t-shirt from Nina Ямковой, Inna Силантьевой. Love the t-shirts from Elena Бурбы – with Evelina Мамбетовой of last season and those that it has released recently. T-shirts is a comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

Соломия Витвицкая, студия

 – What designers do you prefer?

– Always support of Ukrainian designers in my closet there is a dress from Nastia Ivanova, Yulia Polischuk, Elena Бурбы. And, of course, at the center of my clothes, evening dresses and jewelry to him from French designer Novel Баянда. For half a year now I his Ukrainian Muse. However, designer dresses are very bright, are made under the individual events, so wear them many times will not work.

– How important is it for the moderators to keep track of trends?

– Trends – this is of course good, but they should be treated carefully. For example, referred to dress length «MIDI» were in Vogue, but they can sometimes visually shorten the legs. Although the trends can be useful, suggest some new options and combinations. One would like to have a new look, be “the trend”. 

– That you would never put into the picture?

– Leather suit, as Madonna had could not wear never, even if one would have said that very need.

The Council of Solomiya Витвицкой: «On the screen looks exaggerated, it is important not to overdo it with an open body. For example, I have never appear in the air with bare shoulders – this is incorrect». 

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