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Haute couture Paris fashion week is in full swing. Yesterday naughty Jean Paul Gaultier once again confirmed its status of one of the most extravagant fashion designers of Europe. We are willing to vouch for that from the point of view of the images of the models of the show was the most unusual fashion Week. Why: because of their mannequins Gauthier chose hairstyles-tower and leopard prints on the hair.

To emphasize the cat’s nature, models, makeup artists did the girls smoky smoky eyes, the contours of which went far beyond the outer corner of the eyes. Thanks to this elongated black arrows that effect was stretched cat’s-eye.

Jean Paul Gaultier

It is due to the coverage, whether by бронзанта skin all the models on show drained a Golden glow. The makeup artists completely rejected blush. On the lips, too, decided not to focus: just put it on the lips terracotta lipstick with a matte texture.

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