Самые модные цвета и оттенки лака весной-летом 2013 года (фото)

No wonder they say that the style consists of small things. Very often such, it would seem a trifle, as the varnish for the nails, can favourably emphasize the image and add him freshness and relevance. Well and, of course, to appear in this fashion, you need to carefully take care of all the components of the external species, and including the nail Polish. Therefore, preparing for the warm season of the year of 2013, it is worth learn in detail about how lucky will be trendy in the spring and summer.

The main trend in manicure season spring-summer 2013 is the refusal from the complex nail art in favor of bright colors. – Manicure – the main leader among the most fashionable types of manicure 2013 and it is in connection with the choice of varnish for the nails plays the most important role.

First of all, if You want to look like a modern, is to abandon lacquers with pearly luster – the relevance they crashed lose stylish enamel without any additions. Also, with the overall simplicity of the fashion manicure, it is logical special emphasis on the texture of varnish, therefore, options with an unusual spectacular texture should certainly take its place on the shelf of every fashionista.

Fashionable color enamel nail spring-summer 2013

Модный цвет лака для ногтей весна-лето 2013Varnish-nail enamel can be safely described as a leader of the most fashionable varnishes 2013. It is simple and concise, and this looks quite boldly when choosing a catchy colors.

Nails medium length or just short, painted lacquer in the tone of clothing or accessory fashionable colours – yellow, orange, purple or blue – definitely attract the attention and add the image of the piece. But fashionable enamel does not necessarily have to be bright, not less relevant and pastel colors (beige, pale pink, pink beige, white-yellow, peppermint, light-blue, etc), and especially shades, the maximum of the same shade of skin – in fact one of the main directions in the make-up and manicure 2013 will be the style of the nude.

When you select the enamel, nail try to make the colors, well combined, and the lucky were close in structure (it is desirable to buy the products of one manufacturer), in this case, you can paint the nails of different colors or do fashionable manicure with the transition of color.


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