continue to choose the best outfits Ukrainian stars. However, over the last week in the lenses of our photographers have not got any interesting and decent clothes, even Vice versa. Ukrainian celebrities simply shocked by their festive costumes.

This week we remember:

Irina Bilyk. When we see this in stores is always wonder: who is buying? The answer is found: grid, sequins, рюши – it’s all specially brought for Irina Bilyk.

Natalia Buchynska. Leather total-bow is very important, but seeing this fashion critics doubted it.

Svetlana Leont’ev. A beautiful woman, and dress decent, but together they are one more reminder about the fact that the brilliant tight outfits and curvy ladies should stay away from each other.

Vitaly Kozlovsky. Such clothes in combination with such hairstyles and dances just tarnishes the honor of the uniform.

Viktor Pavlik. The suit in the style of Vladimir Grishko can only wears the Vladimir Grishko. Us and him alone is enough.

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