All major brands of cosmetics from time to time decide that it is time to hit their own admirers and produce a collection of powders with bright prints. The most famous examples – Clarins, Guerlain and of course Dolce & Gabbana.

If the sight of such a riot of colors on the window of a store, you don’t seem to look away and bought myself one of these powders: learn how to properly use the new acquisition.

Terra Azzurra by Guerlain

If in your network hit powder and Rouge Terra Azzurra with a print from the fashion house of Emilio Pucci – use it for the effect of a light tan, if you want to achieve the effect of tanned skin mix all three shades of blush.

Meteorites from Guerlain

Terra Azzurra is not the only bright print in the collection of Guerlain. The famous powder from the collection of Meteorites, too, can not fail to attract the attention of fashionistas. This powder is useful to you, if you want to give the skin of the person fascinating lights and fresh look.

Odyssey Palette Teint from Clarins

Odyssey Palette Teint from Clarins make your skin in the literal sense of Shine. If you fear that such a strong shining is not correctly understood, boldly apply the powder is not on the face and on the body. Then you are assured of a flurry of admiring the views on any party.

The Animalier from Dolce & Gabbana

And now we reach the bold leopard prints. The most interesting of them is The Animalier by Dolce & Gabbana. The Animalier – a tribute to one of your favorite patterns Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana – леопардовому принту. This бронзирующая powder, is ideal for creating effect of sunburn.

The Mitzah Palette from Dior

By the way, at the end of 2011 fashion house Dior presented one more

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