All women pay a lot of attention to nail care. Stylish and eye-catching manicure helps to emphasize your individuality and decorate the image. Moreover, in everyday life others often pay attention to hands. Perfect shape and glossy finish are indicative of the well-groomed girls. Modern masters of nail service is ready to offer its clients a lot of interesting options of colors, patterns and nail designs. Gel Polish in this case is the most popular kind of coating on nails. It also lasts a long time, due to which the procedure can be done regularly.

Гель лак

Gel Polish is a specialized cosmetic. Its composition is based on a combination of gel and regular polishes. Different products, depending on the manufacturer, based on criteria such as the period of drying, the degree of concentration of color pigments, the viscosity level. This hardens the nail Polish only under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. For a more dense and rich hue to carry out drying nail Polish required two times. In the same time period for the drying of the shellac depends on the kinds of bulbs:

  • UV lamps solidify the gel Polish in two minutes;
  • The ICE lamp ensures that the drying within one minute.

According to the manufacturers, gel Polish retains its original shape within two to four weeks. To dissolve these funds are used very disappointed (special liquid softening coating to ensure easy removal if necessary). And the acrylic and the gel can be removed only by cutting. However, this can adversely affect the nail plate.

The main advantages of shellac

Really professional gel lacquers are a huge number of advantages. Because of its positive features, they provide well-kept and attractive appearance of women’s hands. Besides the key advantages here are:

Гель лак неон

  1. Spectacular glossy finish. Often, the nails do not look very attractive because of its natural shape or color. The gel Polish allows you to radically change the situation. The nail plate of any person are characterized by vividness and porosity. When applying conventional coatings formed film, but to take the natural terrain with them is almost impossible. Professional shellac completely evens out the nail surface and disguises the appearance defects.
  2. Durability. Professional shellac helps to create the most original and interesting patterns and types of manicure. By the same means of nail plates, does not splinter and does not crack. So to update it too often is not necessary. By the way, a great option would be the application of a French manicure that looks organic in any way and under any circumstances: a date, work, walking, everyday life.
  3. The possibility of giving the nails of any length and shape. A good master of nail service will help you to quickly and accurately form an attractive manicure. To start the specialist training a nail file. Thus, it gives the nail a light relief. For this reason, do not skimp on the services of a professional master.
  4. a large variety of colors and designs. Of course, you can create some of the images and patterns using conventional lacquers. However, they do not look attractive, and soon on the plates get cracks and chips. At the same time, the pattern applied using shellac, will differ durability: will last at least 14 days. In addition to the application drawings, modern masters can offer different effects (cat’s eye, aquarium and other), appliques, crystals, sequins and so on. In addition, the nails will remain healthy and well groomed.

Are there any disadvantages?

Despite all the undeniable merits of the gel polishes, there is such a manicure and some disadvantages. For example, among them we can mention:

  • The high price of services of masters of nail service. As the application of shellac is significantly different from conventional nail Polish, and the price. In addition, girls must visit correction procedure.
  • Possible damage to nail plates. The nail Polish is not a safe procedure. Sometimes after the procedure may require recovery of the plates as they gradually fade and become brittle. However, after removing the shellac to restore their natural state in just a few months.

In any case, the professional application of gel Polish are now very in demand among modern women, despite age and social status. Every woman wants to look well-groomed and attractive, and a nice manicure makes her look fresh and spectacular.

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