Техника 3D окрашивания волос: фото до и послеThe benefits of structural new type of hair colouring – in form of 3d connected with the richness of the color palette, natural views and surround effect of such technology. Schematic 3d coloring do not allow the plane and dull hair by definition.

The most advantageous gamma bulk shades looks to dark hair, but the owner of the red and light tones also have a significant chance of a harmoniously-innovative appearance.

It’s just a well-chosen range of colors, which brunettes much richer. Do not confuse the three-dimensional 3d hair coloring technology ordinary pointed out.

As hairdressing selection of shades, colors selects the options for a more wide – whether contrasting transitions or as close to each other colors. The final image involves the variability of creating and some liberty wizard. Of course, three-dimensional painting pursues the same goal – a perfect and harmonious appearance.

But it is limited stricter range of color solutions and standard painted procedure, up to exactly the agreed scheme of colouring and step by step instructions. As the plane colour, little master the color palette to feel and to precisely apply.

3d colour: before and after photos

Техника 3D окрашивания волос: фото до и после

Техника 3D окрашивания волос: фото до и после

Техника 3D окрашивания волос: фото до и после

Техника 3D окрашивания волос: фото до и после

The technique of 3d is based on the combination of the elements of the range of the same color, manufactured on the hair a certain way. Play and smooth transitions of shades from one to the other, reveal the many facets of the palette with a truly surround quality.

Visual volume is a traditional wishes of many customers, and becomes a subject of professional tricks talented hairdressers. Wealth bulk of beauty is an integral part of this technique. Another major plus 3d coloring, where the feedback differ simultaneous approval – specific ecological advantages.

Volumetric technology does not allow excessive damage the hair. It is conducted slowly and incrementally, without requiring constantly to paint a new growth roots or regularly refreshing color. Hence the ease spaciousness, brightness three-dimensional color-treated hair – and most importantly, their health.

Action in the framework of a single tone allows you to not go the verge of naturalness. And all thanks to «work» at different levels of the same color that helps to avoid excessive intensity and unnatural fading at the same time.

3d hair coloring

The procedure itself is obviously a gentle, especially compared with coral and other traditional methods. It does not require preliminary clarification of the hair, as the shades are chosen to match your natural color. Therefore the technology to a greater degree be adapted for brunettes and generally dark hair.

The original method selects the base tone will prevail in hair, and two more (less 3-4), shade, which will be «trusted» individual strands. High-quality 3d color of hair on the photo looks natural and flashy – but a real appearance should be observed firsthand, because it is no megapixels will not be able to pass. Special attention deserves the painting of the root zone.

The standard solution distribution shades on hair foresees filling in a darker color as the roots and hair on the parietal part of the head. This allows us to completely avoid the dissonance between natural and цветомодифицированными strands – and depth, and as to the surface lying location.

Scheme of three-dimensional hair coloring

Professionals are unanimous – you must follow generally accepted rules of color in three-dimensional mode. Schematic provides:

  • First of all processed occipital area of the main (dominant) shade;
  • Next on the back of the head like «being completed basic triangle», from the basics of which are taken strands. Normal thickness – about one and a half centimeters, and they use slightly lighter tone;
  • As we move to the bottom of the neck shades alternate in the specified sequence – i.e. lighter tone, lighter half-tone, darker parts of the foundations etc.;
  • This string is saved to the transition to the temporal lobes, except for the first strands of 2 cm, which corresponds to the main tone;
  • Last processed parietal area. Strands are taken from the border already painted neck and processed according to the above scheme.

Volumetric natural coloring – new-fangled procedure, subject until that little masters, owning art advanced pointed out. However, with the proliferation of 3d hair coloring, a series of reviews of delight in the network and «Bush» radio frequency method surely rise, as the number royally beautiful ladies.

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