TV presenter World Fashion Channel Diana Khodakovska just returned from a fashion week in Paris, where interviews with famous couturier and led the reports from the shows for its program «Diary of Fashion».

His impressions with the impressions she shared with our  

-On exhibitions

Неделя моды в Париже“Many fashion houses chose the original site for the conduct of their
show. For example LOEWE preferred University of Ancient Medicine, in this
the direction also distinguished brand KENZO, choosing for themselves the building
the faculty of one of the universities of Paris. The model went on the colored
the floors down on the escalators, and guests were treated to delicious cakes.
Without delicacies also did not go to the show Lanvin. It was the anniversary show
for the designer albert Elbaz, who works for the oldest
The fashion House is now 10 years old. By the end of the incredibly beautiful display
models, rose the huge red curtains and before us there was a scene
Неделя моды в Парижеwith musicians, decorated with festive lights. Designer sang the first
verse of the song, and walked up to the podium collecting applause and flowers. Guests
they went further to коктельную part and enjoyed the fun music.
A talented person is talented in everything! I noted for myself that all
was permeated with the atmosphere in the style of Lanvin, every detail… in my
look, this is what distinguishes any Fashion Week from Paris. They tenderly
refer to the details!
– About the stars

The show Lanvin, sat opposite me Jessica Alba. On Dior I
met Natalia Водянову and Ulyana Sergienko. Ulyana visited a lot of
Неделя моды в Парижеhits and of course we have succeeded with her to discuss the trends of the forthcoming
of the year. A lot of Russians was the show of the Valentin Yudashkin: Miroslav
Duma, Evelina Khromchenko, Julia BORDOVSKIKH and many other обозревателецй and
professionals from the world of fashion in Russia.
Personally indelible impression on me has made this ITgirl
Daphne Guinness. I interviewed her on the show PacoRabbane. Not in vain it
is a Muse for many designers… Very deep, penetrating into the
the soul of view on already not young, but undeniably handsome face. She just
instantly I managed to arrange to be! And of course it фриковский
dress… she certainly stood out from the crowd.

-About trends

In fashion autumn-winter 2012-2013 returns romance, elegance and
femininity in a retro style. Muted tones, deftly underlined
Неделя моды в Парижеline, aristocratic cut. Fur again at the peak of popularity.
Short-cut trousers, skirt-pencil, drapery dress 50s…
Men’s style in the current season, too, originally presented and
shake all the girls. Tuxedos are also relevant! Of special interest
causes dress that has a fairly sophisticated decor with folds and
the draperies with an interesting texture of the fabric.
Gloves to the elbow remain in
fashion – hurrah!
Simplicity and minimalism successfully complete the expensive kinds of fabrics:
form-fitting jackets, Basques, skirts, high heels and eye-catching
the decorations. In addition to black and gray, the colors can be safely
called brown, olive green and dark-green.
Also in autumn and winter popular snow-white colour, the colour of elegance
and the aristocracy. Is not going to give up their positions and lace, giving
the woman mysteriously flirtatious way.
Woolen knitted dresses, turtlenecks, pantsuits, sweaters in
combined with the long skirt, coat of beige shades and a lot of skin!
Layering also remains in Vogue. We will be dressed warmly, that may not
not to gladden the residents of Russia!

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