Три неудавшихся курортных романа


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The long-awaited vacation on the nose. You’re lonely. It would seem the perfect time to the resort of the novel! However, be alert.

Before you take your flight to the resort Paradise where you will bask in the sun and show others the perfect press during a stroll on the promenade, we recommend you read three stories of the resort’s novels, victims fiasco to be armed.

1. Jealousy

Anton, 31

Everything happened in Crimea in Sudak. I went there to have a rest with friends. Thoughts about flirting no, just lying on the beach. And then sat next to me girl, blonde unreal beauty. I even lost the gift of speech. Is she interested in me? We got to talking and beauty invited me to go in the evening to one of the clubs. Naturally, I immediately said Yes! After the club and walking on the night beach girl called me to her room. That night was hot!

And in the morning I was awakened by my cell phone, which is continuously blow the horn. Facebook some guy began to send me a terrible message. As it turned out, it was her ex. While I was sleeping, blonde several times photographed with me in bed and merged photo of a Network, do not forget to specify my name. Her jealous former seek me out and began to send messages with threats to spoil my holiday.

Yeah, though sometimes it is curious to stay sex toy in skilled female handles, but humiliated feel unpleasant. Therefore, if you decide to spend the night with a seductive stranger, do not lose vigilance: no joint photos and stories about her personal life.

2. Unjustified hopes

Vlad, 25 years

Olga and I became friends in Tunisia. Talked, it was incredibly interesting. All the time we spent together, but before sex proceedings. And in the last day of the holiday Olya Zakatala me hysterical. As it turned out, she already told my parents that she met her future husband, and I never called her.

Statistics says that as much as 90% of women going for a holiday romance, believe that romantic feelings eventually escalate into a family. Therefore we should control what you say, because men often give unrealistic promises and slightly exaggerate their feelings.

3. Look in both

Dima, 28 years

With Valeria we met on the Turkish beach. She immediately rushed to my eyes: blue-eyed blonde with a perfect figure. We разобщались, and then did not leave a single day. She admitted that she recently graduated from the Academy and is still undecided with the work. She talked about her mother, who entrusts the daughter of a lot of hope, and then I realized that love. It was so much dedication! It turned out that we live in the same city, and I decided that we’ll talk further. Everything was perfect, until it became clear that in fact my friend’s name is Ira, she is 40 years old and her adult child.


All the same statistics says that resort novels often lead women aged 25 to 37 years. Naturally, fun and occasionally pulling ladies, who are over 40. Of course, apply for a passport at the new girlfriends is not the solution, but don’t forget: girls who are up to 18 may exaggerate your age, and women who for 30 to downplay. And if in the second case, you just разочаруешься, ” you can sit down.

We wish you to relax on all of 100% and to bring back from vacation baggage pleasant memories, and not offensive frustration!

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