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Noisy Oriental bazaars and endless sandy deserts, colorful Bedouin tents and a passionate belly dance — unique traits that endlessly fascinate any visitor who first came to the East. Well, of course, a special, seductive beauty of Arab girls, accented by a bright eye makeup with gold accents, makes a truly lasting impression, leaving no one indifferent. The palette of the collection is as hot as the Arab sun, and a mesmerizing warm shades of copper and gold, beige and purple. Real beauty treasures waiting to be introduced to the world. Among them: a bold bronzer in Oriental style with matte texture and gold shining powder; matte lipstick , wine-colored and other shades of red; gold self-adhesive tattoos for the body, which perfectly emphasize the tan spray for the body with a warm, floral scent that will add a note of freshness in hot summer days. essence loves … East of the night!

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Orient lights of the Essence – eyeshadow palette
тени для век
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The light and shadow! Six warm shades palette will help to create both delicate and full-bodied nodoby images. Due to the small duo-applicator, with built-in mirror and a magic ornament, palette, sure to become a real favourite.

Orient lights of the Essence – eyebrow pencil

Gin in pencil. Eyebrow pencil with retractable mechanism in a light or dark brown will create is underlined eyebrows. Contains a sponge for blending and a sharpener. Presented in shades 01 and 02 sunkissed beauty, oriental beauty.

Essence lights of orient – matte lipstick

помада для губпомада для губ фотогубная помада фото

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Arabian nights. Bold red shades — trend oxblood, bright purple and warm rosewood — thanks to the matte finish gives the lips a real glamorous effect. The lipstick is presented in an elegant form in shades 01 belly dancing queen, princess jasmines choice 02 and 03 the Sultan’s daughter.

Orient lights of the Essence – bronzer


The morning sun! Bronzer in Oriental design contains matte powder and siminou gold in the middle — both can be mixed at will. Available in two versions — for light and dark skin types — to create a light tanning effect. Shades: sunkissed beauty 01 and 02 oriental beauty.

Orient lights of the Essence – highlighter

хайлайтер для лица фото

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Shimmer desert. Cream Jumbo stick with gold timername pigments gives your face an awesome glow. Quick and easy to apply thanks to its practical form – the perfect tool for creating the latest trend in makeup — Straubing. Presented in the shade 01 golden gate to the orient.

Orient lights of the Essence – nail Polish

лак для ногтейлак для ногтей фото

Shades Of The East. Gold and purple with metallic effect, as well as rosewood and oxblood with a radiant finish provides lasting color and perfect coverage. Lac presented in shades 01 golden gate to the orient, 02 the Sultan’s daughter, princess jasmines choice 03 and 04 belly dancing queen.

Orient lights of the Essence of stickers for body and nails

наклейки для ногтей

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Body art. Gold and turquoise stickers in various Oriental prints look very attractive, especially on tanned skin!

Orient lights of the Essence – deodorant body spray

спрей для тела фото

Freshen up! A light body spray with a summer floral fragrance will add a note of freshness in hot summer days. Presents the aroma of 01 genie in a bottle.

essence trend collection “lights of the orient” in the mid-avgustva to mid-October.*

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