Trends of summer-2013 presented at Odessa Holiday Fashion Week is very vast – from the beach attire to evening dresses. Especially noticeable is the diversity was in the second day of the podium program, when their collections shown immediately 9 brands.

The first in the trend of swimwear summer-2013 showed brand including desigual. The show took place at the pool at the Villa le Premier. At this same location first collection presented her works Алекасандра Tanais. Her swimsuits were complemented by trendy sunglasses brands.

When the fashionable crowd moved to the Central location, in “Sady Pobedy”, his first collection of dresses showed designer Anastasia Ivanova – her show closed Miss Ukraine-universe Olesya Стефанко. Svetlana Kalinichenko together with the models in нюдовых dresses released podium violinist with a futuristic электроскрипкой.

Rito fashion house presented a collection of knitted lace things. Trends of summer-2013, according to the Rito, coral and turquoise colors.

To demonstrate the evening trends of summer-2013, Olena DATS brought to Odessa dress — a portion of those that take you to the showroom in Cannes, part of the cruise collection of the next season.

German Annette Гертц that long makes impressions on UFW and sold in Ukraine, for the first time showed his collection in Odessa. Гертц, judging by the show, the main trends of summer-2013 considers transparency and perforation.

Closed the second day of shows merged show Ksenia Mammadova and Elena Przhonskaya. The first designer presented bright dresses with large ornament. Przhonska also showed dresses in the popular trend of summer-2013 “white total bow”, as well as clothes with small ornament.

However, this is the day for the mods not over – they simply moved to the nightclub and continued to hang out. Report look

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