Модные короткие стрижки зима 2014: фото самых стильных стрижек на короткие волосыAs is known, fashion is changing at the speed of sound. In the winter of 2014, it becomes more октрытой, soft and romantic, and this applies not only goods and footwear, but also with the make-up, hairstyles and accessories. In this article we will look at the most fashionable hair short for the winter 2014.

Previously, a few centuries ago, a short haircut was considered abnormal phenomenon and girls, which she wore, possessed of considerable self-control and willpower. Of course, they stood out against the background of long-haired beauties, what provoked scandal and gossip around.

Today, short hair worn by many women and it is not considered as something shameful. On the contrary, men’s grooming can highlight more the fragility and soft woman’s sexuality.

Some of the nuances of

Before taking a short cut, you should take into account several important factors. For instance, keep in mind that the cut will instantly attract the attention of others to Your face, and especially to the eyes. That is why this Strik is not for all the ladies. Besides, it is necessary to consider also the fact that with the short hair facial features become more stringent.

Модные короткие стрижки зима 2014: фото самых стильных стрижек на короткие волосы

Most short haircuts for those girls, who have the right and graceful features, but there are also many exceptions. As regards the form of the person, the more similar haircuts suited to owners of round or oval face. And some girls like mowing and does not follow, therefore, it is advisable to consult with a professional stylist.

Trendy variations of short haircuts for girls in the winter 2014

In the winter of 2014 incredibly popular will be familiar to all the classic square, which is already several dozens of years adorns the head of fashionistas of the world. In the upcoming season relevant to cut quads in the style of Victoria Beckham, which once was the actual and fashionable. Such a cut is perfectly suited as a young girl, who lead active way of life, as well as more Mature, business ladies.

Модные короткие стрижки зима 2014: фото самых стильных стрижек на короткие волосы

With the help of the square you can create different images – from aggressive rock to tender and romantic. In addition, there are numerous ways of styling the hair, which allows you to play around with the images. In the winter of 2014 stylists are advised to arrange her hair in the opposite direction from the person or curl hair брашингом. Popular will also Bob.

However, we should not cut their hair too short, boyish style of the new season of no use to me. Moreover, the current will be femininity and tenderness. It is not recommended to do haircuts shorter than 3 cm. Leave unisex style to the best of times, it’s time to emphasize your beautiful floor.

Модные короткие стрижки зима 2014: фото самых стильных стрижек на короткие волосы

Photo fashion haircuts and kits for short hair in the winter-2014

To a new haircut happy with You every day of his impeccable view, it is necessary to learn it properly laid with the help of special money, and some tools which you can buy in a shop or specialty store. First of all, You need to stock up on varnishes different fixation, муссами, gels or waxes for the hair.

If You have thin or weak hair, need to buy a special ухаживающую cosmetics for hair, which not only will help them nicely put, but also some of their medical treatment. After every wash hair not forget to use the air conditioning, which will facilitate the follow-up care for hair.

Модные короткие стрижки зима 2014: фото самых стильных стрижек на короткие волосы

If You have curly or fine hair, use for styling wax or special gel, which утяжелит a little bit of hair, and do not give them the пушиться. Secure the result of laying varnish You need fixing. By the way, it is possible to restrict even only varnish, if You do not have enough time to full-fledged stacking.

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