What to choose underwear, the issue remains topical for all women, because in the comfort of a comfortable and elegant underwear, each of the women feel that they have more confidence, the strength of its irresistible and attractive.

And therefore, we should not forget about the basic rules for selection of clothes. The most important thing when buying underwear is comfortable.
The main criteria of comfort:
1. The fabric from which made underwear.
2. Size lingerie
3. The style and the style of underwear.
Clothes made of cotton and silk are considered to be the most pleasing to the body. Cotton underwear it is better to choose for the cold time of the year, and silk can be worn both in warm and cold period. More women prefer satin linen. In the process of tailoring underwear cannot do without artificial fibers, because they help to keep the form of clothes and elasticity. The ideal option is considered to be adding lycra or polyamide, because they give furnishing the necessary elasticity and very pleasing to the body.

What is the bottom lace underwear? Underwear with the lace inserts undoubtedly deserves the status of sexy underwear. Lace underwear you wear, for example: for his men, because it linen leads men to completely caused by the thought. It is not recommended to buy such clothes for trekking to a service or work, whatever distro colleagues from work.

niznee-belieIn everyday life and at work underwear bound to be little noticeable and comfortable. To achieve this goal, the linens you need to choose how you can thinner and their size. The size ideally chosen underwear fits the body and leaves no traces in the skin, and not where no pressure. Quite often in pursuit of the striking effect of the majority of women become underwear much smaller, than it was necessary, in the hope of buying, thus, the more lush and tightened forms. As a result, are hassle, because of the constantly falling out of her Breasts.

Invisible under clothes and comfortable underwear will be in that case, if it is chosen correctly in size and style. As an option, it is worth to buy a pair of underwear without seams, is quite a common model. It is ideal in the period of pregnancy. It can also be worn with a silk or with fine clothes from Jersey.

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