Scientists from the USA found that the b vitamins are an excellent tool in the fight against dirty air.

According to experts, the people who get the vitamin, the body is well protected from the adverse effects of bad air.

The efficiency of these vitamins has not only preventive but also therapeutic effect, if the person is a long time to breathe unhealthy air. Large doses of b vitamins are able to neutralize a particularly dangerous solid particles contained in polluted air. Typically, they may consist of dust, pollen, dead human skin cells or other components which may adversely affect the body, getting in through the respiratory system.

Settling on the mucous membranes, particulates can cause allergic reaction to fire and drive the internal organs and provoke the emergence of a stressful condition of the body. In addition, scientists do not exclude that unclean air can affect people on a cellular level.

B vitamins can be obtained from these foods: nuts, beans, corn, buckwheat, potatoes, bran, milk, cheese, eggs, poultry, carrots, parsley, seafood.

At the moment, the study of this issue is still ongoing. The organizers of the study plan to conduct a series of experiments in large cities, where the air is heavily polluted. They hope that the solutions will help to reduce the mortality rate due to the negative impact of dirty air.

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