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I wonder what the tattoo on the fingers is often made of girl using motivational messages or pictures with double meaning.

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Popular tattoo designs on fingers and among celebrities. Everyone knows the famous tattoo on the finger of the singer Rihanna’s, which says “Shhh”. Tattoo has become a kind of “meme”, and Rihanna “staked out” for a such a stylish and subtle option tattoo.

No less popular and coolest version of the tattoo on your finger was made by British model Cara Delevingne. Lion on her index finger looks incredibly cool.

Not inferior in creativity and our beauty. Singer Vera Brezhnev boasted a tattoo in the shape of the letter “V” and you already think that this is a “Faith” or “Victory”.

Tattoo on finger leading Regina Todorenko at the time “made a lot of noise”. Her tattoo on her finger was part of the story about Polynesia. The original version of the tattoo was the most unfortunate, but Regina did not panic and made the “prison of the triangle” for the crown.

If we talk about the common options of tattoos on the fingers, among the various types are basic.

Tattoo on one finger

Tattoo on one finger, a priori, combines something airy, sweet and gentle. Here can be like the proverbial infinity symbols, or something more original. Quotes or motivational phrases, for example, though considered to be jaded, but look very cool.

Tattoo on a few fingers

If you don’t want to limit myself when creating the tattoo with one finger, you can take two, three or even the whole hand. Only here you need to be extremely careful as it is very easy to play too and become or a clown, or the heroine of the series “Orange is the new black”. But it looks these tattoos are also very stylish and impressive.

Pair tattoo on fingers

Paired tattoo — a unique way to Express your love. Recently appeared fashion to get tattoos instead of wedding rings. So the couple keep their “eternal love” — because the tattoo is not a ring, it is not so easy to get rid of. But these tattoos look incredibly cute.

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What kind of styling you can do when you have a master like Vera Brezhneva (+EXAMPLE STARS)

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