Although men’s fashion of the more loyal, but with women it has a lot in common, and that applies to popular now style vintage. At the same time from the more conservative male vintage even more interesting, because many of the things are the most relevant for a long period of time.

Men’s things are different in the way that some models are in demand and are loved for a long time, such as jeans or’s suits. And in a few tens of years model almost exactly repeated. This happens probably because of the more rigor of a male style. The things of men rarely change, as there is no cosmetics, stylists and hairdressers effect on men less, and most of the men’s professions almost do not change the form and content.

And because in the men’s fashion more pronounced vintage, there are unique items, which are constantly running since their invention (for example, berets). Of course, the sex difference (the structure of the body, psyche) adjusts the style, which women have more mobile. In the end we can say that the style of vintage men’s race.

What models of this style are the most demanded:
– ‘s suits – for the years of existence changed only buttons (number, to engage) and trousers (contract/expand), excluding only the free cutting models of the 40-ies and 50-ies.

– Classic jeans, jeans-

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