Scientists from the USA conducted a study to determine how effective a vegetarian diet in the fight against excess weight and burning fat.

Specialists conducted an experiment in which was attended by 74 people with diabetes. Participants were divided into two groups. People from the first group ate only fruits and vegetables, excluding meat, fish, eggs, and fatty dairy products. Allowed one serving per day of low-fat yogurt. While the second group ate a low-calorie food, recommended by the European Association for the study of diabetes (EASD).

The results of the experiment showed that both diets caused a loss of body fat. However, a vegetarian diet caused a reduction not only of intramuscular fat and subfascial (deep), what can be said about the diet of the participants who did not refuse from meat products. Within seven days of the experiment, the vegans lost an average 6 kg, while those who were sitting on a diet low in calories, lost less than half.

It can be concluded that a diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, berries, greens, legumes, nuts and dairy products, very effective in the process of weight loss.

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