Summer sun warms your warmth and feel of the long beach and fun. Even with spring you take care of your figure, to look like a goddess on the beach, it only remains to decide suit. For this study the fashion trends of the summer season, 2013.

Before you go on a Sunny beach, be sure to grasp with the beautician sunscreen. Take care about the health of the skin. If you want to fascinating look at the new bathing suit, you may in no case can not burn. In addition, protecting the skin from overheating, you are giving their health for many years.

The fashion swimwear is different from other areas of fashion. So consider the bathing fashion need to separately from the main fashion proposals. In this season in the shops, you will find an interesting range of swimwear:

– Vintage.
The style of the 70’s again on the top! All new is well forgotten old. Designers have returned to the canons of the past years and now offer closed swimsuits or swimsuits with a high waist. Offers prints in polka dots, stripes, sea or Hawaiian figure and рюши. In such a playful suit you it will be impossible to miss.

– Corrugated bikini.
Hit of the season will be swimsuits with ruffles. And this is not surprising, because corrugated bikini look so feminine and romantic, profitable stressing the figure. Very stylish and sexual model for this Basque of tutu.

– Crocheted bikini.
The stylish and elegant crocheted bikini necessarily have to be available in the wardrobe of every girl. Such an original swimsuit can help hide figure flaws and combines easily with other clothes. You will look great in Balaclava a bathing suit and a pair of jeans or a skirt.

– Swimsuits on one shoulder.
Model on one shoulder was in Vogue recently and today continues to please the ladies. The model has changed little in comparison with 2009-2010годами: the harness was a wide and contrast in relation to a primary color leotard.

– Swimsuits lace-up.
Strings are always in fashion. In the 2013 wide range of bands. Bikini with завязочками look very sexy. If you want to challenge the male half of the beach, then feel free to wear your swimsuit lace-up.

– Танкини.
This season also relevant to the model танкини. The upper part of the top or shirt. The length of the t-shirts can be any, as well, and cut neckline, can be profound or not. Brilliant decoration elements tempting complement gentle way.

Fashionable color of this summer:
• Golden
• coral
• silver
• classic black and white
• bright colors
• ethnic patterns
• geometrical ornaments
• leopard

The source of the article: The women’s magazine “My Style” – all about the world of fashion and style

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