Http:// continues to publish blitz tips famous fashionistas in the section “What to wear in the summer.” Before, you already appeared stylist Olga Слонь , designer Elena Burba, model Tatiana Bogdan. This time our hero is a young Designer Sasha Trofimenko.

– What dress – ideal for publication this summer?

– Dress can be either a milky color, or color of mint – it’s just a hit. And I would definitely advise dress in the floor, it visually lengthen silhouette. Prints are also a good option. But if you want to wear this dress more often, you have to choose very complex designs.

Hackneyed floral prints I would not recommend a better choice of computer graphics. Another option that you can wear many times – dress pure colors, which you can add various accessories to create a new image. But with neon colors I would work did not – this is too extreme, and not many will turn out beautifully their use.

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– And what a pair of shoes will be universal for summer parties?

This is a classic 50s – boats with elongated toe. And, in my opinion, the best black color and fit under any dress. So if you want to select universal couple, I would recommend just black, even in summer  

About Sasha and his Studio read in an interview to «Sasha Trofimenko: I refused Dolce&Gabbana for the sake of your brand».

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