Куда поехать отдыхать в августе?


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Going to thoroughly relax in the last month of summer, but has not decided where to jerk? MEN’s LIFE will tell you a few no-regrets options unforgettable vacation.

The sea

August is one of the most popular seasons, but because all the beach resorts will be amazing number of people and noise. Also do not forget that the last summer month is usually scalding hot.

Countries such as Croatia, Bulgaria and Montenegro can boast a very comfortable temperature of both air and water, that allows easily relax and sunbathe at your leisure. Still popular and our domestic black sea resorts.

If the heat of your body moves really bad, then I’d better give up the rest in countries such southern Europe as Greece, Spain and Italy. This includes Turkey with Tunisia where in August is a special heat. Also don’t forget that August is peak season, and therefore flights, accommodation and entertainment will cost you a maximum expensive. Besides, airline tickets and hotel rooms necessarily need to be booked in advance.

That to Israel, August there is the most hot and dry weather for the whole summer; even in Northern regions cannot be less than 27 degrees Celsius unbearable heat can take refuge in a huge number of restaurants and bars located along the coast The dead sea.

For those who are hard to stand the heat, ideal for a beach holiday in Lithuania and Latvia on the shore Baltic sea. The humid Maritime excellent wind calms intolerably high temperatures. The water in the sea is warm enough already by August and temperatures this month almost never above 18 degrees C.

In Estoniaand August are often characterized by moisture and rain. But due to the fact that the Baltic sea and the lake is sufficiently small, the water warms up quickly and at the end of summer reaches +24 degrees C. Excellent quality differs rest on such Estonian Islands, as Hiiumaa, Muhu and Saaremaa – many of them bring here are simply magical memories. Also in these areas relaxation established equipped campsites.


In August you have the opportunity to try out a variety of excursion programs in Europe. At the end of summer is installed comfortable weather, contributing to a pleasant rest and walks on city attractions, museums and simply picturesque streets. For the perfect stay and the South of Europe, in particular Greece, Italy, Portugal or Spain, and other European countries.

Incredibly fascinating excursions await you in the Scandinavian countries and Benelux (these include the Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium), where August is the most comfortable month for relaxing and exploring the local attractions. But the decision to go to bus tour Spain, France or Italy at the end of summer it is advisable to postpone until September or October, after all, in August there is mostly hot, humid weather, capable of deeply tire person during the journey by bus.


The end of summer is the best time for a fascinating trip to the exotic Iceland. In August, most tour operators make attractive offers on the journey to the land of the Vikings. Deciding on such an adventure, you will learn such amazing natural phenomena as waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers, fjords and geysers. If the budget allows, during a trip to Iceland will be accessible to the Faroe Islands or enjoy the fjords in Norway.

August is also the ideal time to visit countries Caribbean and Latin America. If you come in delight from the contemplation of the incredible sandy beaches and powerful tropical forests, as well as the desire to visit places where lived the Aztecs, Incas, Olmecs and Mayas, then we recommend you opt for Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela and Peru. Surely you will be amazed with the beauty and Majesty of the Palenque, teotihuacán, Chichen Itza, Easter island and Cancun surprising almost all the tourists.

But remember that the Cuba, in Mexico and Dominican Republic at the end of the summer are often raging storm, tropical storms and rains fall, and therefore travel in these divine nature it is desirable to move to September-October. The situation is the same in August Maldives, in India and Thailand where is often poured heavy rains.

Vacation with children

If in August you will have to bring my family with a child on vacation, in this case also there is a big choice of options. Lovers of the sea note Bulgaria or Spain who are rich not only on the beaches, but also in parks of attractions and entertainment. For curious kids perfect trip in colorful Czech Republic, Scandinavian country or in France. Fans of the books by Astrid Lindgren will appreciate the Breakfast Museum Junibacken, and kids will love the interactive Museum of music, where he is allowed to play any instruments.

Festivals and holidays

If you consider yourself a music lover, then feel free to go to any country in Europe, after all, the musical festivals are held in August, practically everywhere. The most large-scale recognized international Sziget festival, annually held on the island in the Budapest in the beginning of August. For the lovers of the Opera and theatre festivals ideal Austria, with its peaceful aristocratic spirit.

In the end of summer Spain hosts numerous festivals flamenco, but Germany boasts the start of the season, beer festivals, which attract thousands of tourists. If you attract a knight’s era, then feel free to go in Czech Republic and UK where in medieval castles are a variety of fairs and even tournaments. Do not stand aside and Netherlands there in the middle of August for the week is an amazing fireworks festival.

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