Белый налет на ягодах крыжовникаIf gooseberry was covered with a visible bloom, this means that Bush was struck by a dangerous disease – powdery mildew, the main symptom of which is the appearance on the berries and leaves of gooseberry loose, like flour white plaque.

Powdery mildew is considered extremely dangerous disease like to gooseberry, and other berry bushes, because it can not only affect the yield, but also completely destroy gooseberry.

The appearance of the gooseberry white plaque is not dependent on varieties of plants, and local climatic features of the disease is really «loves» a warm and humid climate, but in the dry distributed not less.

How to deal with white bloom on berries gooseberry

As is known, any sickness cheaper to prevent than cure, and the case of powdery mildew is no exception. If you do not want a dangerous fungus smote all plantations gooseberry, need to take care of plants in spring, immediately after the landing of a gooseberry or even earlier.

Recognize the symptoms of powdery mildew on the gooseberry is very simple: the first alarm – shoots gooseberry, the leaves and young ягодках appears white bloom, first, a bit like frost. «Fluffy flakes plaque, if the time never get free of it, gradually change the color to brown, become more dense. Very soon you will notice that affected by mildew shoots and leaves gooseberry dry, break, and berries – cease to ripen and fall.

Sure way to deal with white bloom on the gooseberry – spraying Bush. If you did not care about the prevention of powdery mildew in advance, and noticed the occurrence of blooms only when the gooseberry already appeared berries, try the following: dilute solution of a Laundry soap with sulphate of the ratio of twenty grams of copper sulphate and one hundred and fifty grams of soap to ten liters of water.

To dissolve soap into the water, enough planed it on a coarse grater, and sulphate must first be dissolved in hot water and then pour in soap solution. The resulting mixture need to spray the gooseberry bushes, paying particular attention to the affected areas.

Chemical preparations and tools for spraying gooseberry

The ideal time for the prevention of white patches on the gooseberry – period before flowering and immediately after flowering bushes. At this time, for the prevention of powdery mildew is possible to use various chemicals and drugs.

For example, there is an excellent domestic product «Topaz», which it is recommended to spray gooseberry bushes directly before and immediately after the appearance of colors. Also suitable for the prevention of powdery mildew on gooseberry drugs that you can buy almost any economic Department of a large supermarket «Тиовит jet», «Кумулус», «Vectra».

The easiest and cheapest way to prevent plaque on the berries and leaves of gooseberry in advance spray ground around the Bush weak solution copper kuporosa (at the rate of ten to fifteen grams of copper sulphate on a few liters of water).

Or you can make soap solution (two tablespoons of baking soda, and fifty grams of soap chips and ten liters of water) and pour them the land around the gooseberry bushes. You can use this solution and for spraying of the Bush – but only advance in the period of appearance of the first leaves on the bushes gooseberry.

Author: Kateryna Sergeenko


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