A large number of top managers and middle managers who work in leading companies, I prefer to play hold’em. They are almost completely moved away from such traditional pastimes as fishing and hunting. Even Golf, not so long ago enjoying great popularity, now not so interesting as before. Successful people who know how to make good money, today more and more often at the poker tables. Part of them prefer to play in land based casinos, an even greater number of those who are closer to online poker. By profession, these people have developed mental abilities and an iron grip. Manager, staying in the status of the newcomer on the popular the poker room, maybe on an equal footing to compete with the most venerable of the local regulars.


Bill Gates

I guess not everyone was aware that the brilliant geek at the time, was developing her own intellectual abilities in home poker games. Bill always talked about the fact that every poker game can be compared with the business model. How well it is thought out, so fast the player will have a successful finale and professional growth. The game, at the gates, begins with the preparation of the information, select size rates, study the behavior of the player. After analyzing the data, we can conclude about how to play the game. All of these processes must be carried out in the shortest time period. So with the help of poker training gates learned to fish and to succumb to analysis any information within a short time period.

Билл Гейтс покер

About Kurt Kolberg

About Kurt Kolberg spoken of as an incredibly successful businessman who plays poker on a par with the most famous players. The age of kolberga well over forties, but in their mental abilities, a unique person is not inferior to the young poker players. Due to its gaming abilities in poker tournaments Kurt managed to win the fabulous sum of $ 3 million. Though actually he doesn’t need the money, because the company’s shares of kolberga estimated at $ 3 billion. Businessman draws to the game the excitement, adrenaline and emotional intensity. In addition, Kolberg sure poker is a great opportunity to train the mental and business skills.

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