Hey, I’m not one to judge anyone from going gray gracefully (in fact, I admire it!) but when I discovered that L’Oreal, Paris may have a super-scientific formula in the works that keeps you from going gray, I stopped dead in my tracks.
According to New York magazine, the French beauty powerhouse submitted a pantent for a formula that could keep you from getting gray hair.


Here’s where it gets science-y:

“L’Oreal, Paris, has patented a method for combating the disappearance of the melanocytes of hair follicles by maintaining and/or by regenerating the population of active melanocytes of the bulbs and of the quiescent melanocytes of the upper region of hair follicles.”

While I love the idea that we have more haircolor options than ever, there are some ladies that I think look pretty great with gray hair (although all three are by choice and not because of age):

Kristen McMenamy


Lady Gaga


Kelly Osborne


Are you psyched at the possibility of never going gray? Will you go gray naturally?

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