As you have noticed, we love to praise Luke celebrities and always try to find for you the most successful examples to follow. But today we could not get past the image of Zhenya Tymoshenko at the festival “towards Kiev dream’, we will consider it, because it seems to us to be rather unsuccessful.

Despite the fact that Eugene Tymoshenko knew at the festival “towards Kiev dream’, which it organizes already not the first year, all eyes of the guests and the camera lens will be glued to her, she had chosen the «fuzzy» makeup and plain lousy hairstyle.

Евгения Тимошенко: бьюти-образ

Zhenya is a very pretty girl, because to achieve impressive results for a night out can practically without any efforts. This time Zhenya somehow forgot to emphasize its big brown eyes vaguely drawn ciliated contour makeup girl looks незавершенно. Agree, accurate arrow on the upper eyelid in this image asks.

Also it seems to us, the Wife’s time to follow the latest trends and draw attention to their eyebrows. Broader line of the eyebrows has been given by the person it-girl completely new emphasis.

But, of course, all these flaws makeup would look differently, if Zhenya has paid a little more attention to her hair. Not necessarily in front of each output in light spend half a day in the Barber shop, but she let this issue slide too. Loose, elongated irons hair or low beam would require the same amount of time as the one hairstyle, with which Zhenya appeared in front of cameras, but would look much more carefully.

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