Ламбик, уникальное пиво из сердца Бельгии

It seems planning to write to the site every day, I obviously overestimated their strength. The reason is simple – the program, proposed by the Department of tourism Flanders and Moscow brewing company, was so intense that all that I sufficed – daily travel notes in Facebook and инстаграмме. And if so, it’s time to catch up. Today, I’ll tell about ламбик – a unique beer from the region Пайоттенленд, not far from Brussels.

lambic 7 Ламбик, уникальное пиво из сердца Бельгии

Strictly speaking, if you are not familiar with the Belgian beer, you’d better forget everything you’ve heard about beer before, because beer in Belgium is a whole world of amazing species and varieties of this drink, unlike anything else. Ламбик to taste like a cross between a dry sparkling wine and dry same cider, and is produced according to the unique method of spontaneous fermentation: brewed must leave to cool in the huge open tanks, so it could settle wild yeast. It is believed that its taste ламбик obliged to local “bouquet” of yeast that live in the air of the valley of the river Senna total of 80 species of wild yeast, two of which are of key importance in the production of this beer. That is why attempts to make ламбик the traditional way at any other point of the earth are doomed to failure: the map shows that ламбик made only in the outskirts of Brussels (and at the brewery Кантильон located in the Belgian capital):

lambic 5 Ламбик, уникальное пиво из сердца Бельгии

In connection with the fact that in the traditional production of the role of randomness, brewers there are a number of tricks that they use to this day. For example, hops, which is now mainly added for flavor and aroma, in the production ламбика as a thousand years ago, is used primarily as a natural preservative. In addition, cooking ламбика is possible only from October to may – summer in the air contains too many microorganisms that can ruin a beer. By itself, about it it became known only recently, and in ancient times brewers learn from mistakes.

lambic 1 Ламбик, уникальное пиво из сердца Бельгии

When appear in beer yeast, it is poured into the oak barrels, where ламбик Matures year or more. Task brewer – not only to cook beer, but also to prepare blend – a mix of ламбиков various endurance, achieving the best possible taste. By the way, is why some brewers generally not beer is brewed, buying what welded other, and focusing directly on купажировании. Ламбик rarely drink itself, often mixed, getting a beer GEZ, add sugar syrup, to prepare Faro, or insist on fruit: we became so popular cherry beer cry nee – the ламбик.

lambic 2 Ламбик, уникальное пиво из сердца Бельгии

But the glass from which traditionally drink ламбик and its variants.

lambic 3 Ламбик, уникальное пиво из сердца Бельгии

Some hundred years ago, the Belgians drank ламбик, throwing a piece of sugar and squeezed small using a masher. Now such a foolishness, nobody was engaged, so that distinguish the old glass ламбика easily: he has a pretty thick bottom, not to accidentally break it.

lambic 4 Ламбик, уникальное пиво из сердца Бельгии

About ламбик I pretty much had heard before, but in the Museum De Lambiek learned a lot, for the beginners, lovers of this unique beer visiting this Museum will be a real discovery. However, the employees themselves stress that, in contrast to the Museum, where you can’t touch anything, in their interactive exposition involves all the senses – and indeed, here you happen to smell the aromas ламбика, touch the ingredients from which beer is brewed, chew malt, and, of course, try the beer itself.

lambic 9 Ламбик, уникальное пиво из сердца Бельгии

Taste ламбика very different not only between manufacturers, but also from barrel to barrel, so have to rely on the talent of the master blenders that seek to mimic the style of his brewery.

lambic 6 Ламбик, уникальное пиво из сердца Бельгии

Everyone will be able to find ламбик to your taste, and my clear favorite, the “old” GEZ Hanssens: moderately carbonated, nice, refreshing, with a delightful sourness, in short, if you are somewhere you are lucky to see him, grab, without thinking.

lambic 8 Ламбик, уникальное пиво из сердца Бельгии

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