Улыбниська =)

Улыбниська =)

Bloody wars started between those stuffy and those who blows.

Someone at birth dear God gives рученьки gold, and someone only жопоньку adventure!))

Elena Malysheva in your program, said that in the day you need to drink two liters of fluid. Tried yesterday… terrible Hangover!

Usually in the Parks of Culture and Leisure prevails.

My head just like airport… From it constantly crashes!

Really small town is when personally know people who are addressed inscriptions on the walls, fences and garages.

Judging by the trends in the sphere of education, apparently after graduation will soon issue a piece of paper with the inscription «Деплом»

Our generation will be in the will to leave logins and passwords from social networks.

How to listen to women, so all the brilliant children! And all the husbands idiots.

Right now ment wrote Protocol, asked about my education. I said» higher» and felt pride 8-9 seconds. To benefit more from him so far.

Came “husband for an hour” to the woman lay linoleum. Bed, smoke wanted to after work. The guy slams his palms on his pants – no tutu. In a breast pocket looked no. Then he saw on the linoleum bloating.
“The devil! Cigarette covered with linoleum”.
And rend’t want to. Then took a man hammer and let лупасить on inflation, while back. Just finished the landlady, throws him a pack of cigarettes:
– I here your cigarettes found. Only here your hamster can’t any way to find. Lost somewhere…

Married men can learn by marriage to a person.

A smile is an interesting bending, which can correct a lot of things.

Songs of modern pop singers differ cowards.

Mood swings is disgusting… it was so cool… it’s disgusting… it was so cool.

– At us the whole village got poisoned mushrooms.
– That, all at once?
– Not the first one. And then at his funeral villagers ate the rest.

– Comrade major, your shoes are different – one black and one brown, you would have went home, переобулись!
– Yes I already went there the same thing!

– Have you heard? Baba Lyuba holds a 15-days arrest for anti-government slogans!
“What did she say?!
– Well that these pigs at the trough quite zazhralis and now is the time to add a couple…

Plant iron casting started production of children’s toys. With our toys you always find the baby where you left it!

I of the time, if a guy said to the guy, ‘we Should buy ink’, they are not blue, and the students of a technical University.

On some of the things makes me phrase:
“Will be something to remember”.

Two persons in a compartment. One another:
= Can be in the cards will play long road ahead
= I don’t know how
= Yes, I also(pulls out a deck)
= Nuka Gimme(picks up the deck is weighing so on hand)then the map is not enough
= Yes(overcomes трррр)damn exactly Jack of clubs there.

Waiting for a Prince on a white horse? It must be clean manure. P.S. For a horse too.

– Wow! It was so cool!
– I just since childhood seeds of watermelon language выковыривала.

The girl on reception at the gynecologist
– Doctor, I have such a delicate case. .
– Yes?
– I every morning, in the vagina trademark find. Now look, I have a whole album of these marks is gathered.
– MDA-C. . So it’s not a brand, and stickers with bananas!

English village, hedge plays the boy. Passes gentleman and asks, “Boy, where is your father? “. Kid important answers:
“There, sir. Go straight there you there you’ll bright red Panama”.

In the yard brawl in China suffered 534674 person.

Ignorance of the laws of nature are not exempt from payment of the alimony.

A beautiful woman is a terrible force, and the ugly – so ugly…

Experienced woman is a woman who knows how to pretend to be inexperienced.

The woman believes that a man should guess himself, and not to ask.
When a man begins to be guided by my guesses, she already thinks.

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