10 Самых странных блюд фаст-фуда

In our list of the most strange dishes of fast food from all of the world:

1. Pizza crust of чизбургеров from Pizza Hut)
10 Самых странных блюд фаст-фуда
The most famous creature Pizza hut in 2012 was their pizza crust of чизбургеров. Pie-myocardial debuted in April. You can also enjoy a variant of this pizza with fried chicken instead чизбургеров.

2. Bacon ice cream from Burger king (Burger King)
10 Самых странных блюд фаст-фуда
Would you buy ice cream with pieces of bacon? Burger king believes that such people exist. The network of bistros, known by its main product Вопперу, introduced in June 2012 time-limited share of the new summer menu in which you can try this dessert. Calorie ice cream is 510 calories it consists of soft vanilla ice cream, with additives of caramel, chocolate crumbs bacon and a piece of bacon. It contains 18 grams of fat and 61 grams of sugar.

3. Kit-Kat Папс from Pizza Hut Kit Kat Pops)
10 Самых странных блюд фаст-фуда
Apparently, middle Eastern division Pizza hut is not going to stop pizzas, with strange crusts. You see their new product – «kit-Kat Папс». Briefly, these chocolates kit-kat, wrapped in dough from pizza.

4. Burger Darth Vader from quick (Quick)
10 Самых странных блюд фаст-фуда
In 2012, the French network of fast food, quick presented advertising snack that reflects the dark side of the burgers: Burger, inspired by Star Wars, with completely black rolls. They prepared black rolls to link them with the release of the movie «Star wars. Episode I: the Hidden threat» in 3D. Although buns look as if they deliberately burned, actually they just painted, and between them there is cheese, tomatoes, salad and two beef patties.

5. Bacon and eggs for a donut from Dunkin donuts (Dunkin’ Donuts)
10 Самых странных блюд фаст-фуда
Sandwich, served with fried eggs and bacon between the halves cut glazed doughnut, became part of the main menu, starting June 7, 2013, which is a network of snack bars declared a «Day of doughnuts. Dunkin donuts trial basis sandwich served in some eateries in the East of Massachusetts in April, and this fact evoked a wide response in the Internet.

It is worth noting that, Dunkin donuts argues that «sandwich from the glazed donut for Breakfast» contains a total of 360 calories, less than 390 calories for sandwich with sausage on the side of индюшины, who recently started to be served in Dunkin donuts for those who want to eat more healthy food.

6. Donut with pork and algae from Dunkin donuts in China
10 Самых странных блюд фаст-фуда
When we hear the word «donut», comes to mind pastries that is difficult to describe than dessert. However, Dunkin donuts continue to expand their product range in China, recently releasing a delicious donut stuffed with chopped pork and seaweed. Currently donut with pork served only in Asia, and is headed by the aggressive campaign Dunkin donuts expansion in Asian countries.

7. Burger size of a pizza from Burger king
10 Самых странных блюд фаст-фуда
In Japan, you can buy a wide Burger-sized pizza, with a diameter of 22 inches. It is worth noting that only the rolls are very broad, but between them there are four ordinary beef patties size Воппер in the shape of a four leaf clover. Other fillers as normal size, but at least a lot of them.

Burger, pizza are available in two different versions, though in another variation, the division is half-on-half, one half contains the usual fillers Воппера – tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, ketchup and so on. The version of «Fresh avocado» added’t believe me, pieces of fresh avocado, and a version of «Nacho Cheese» added corn chips, cheese sauce and jalapeno peppers. Cut Burger as you would cut the cake (or pizza, yeah) and enjoy!

8. Double Down from KFC (KFC”s Double Down)
10 Самых странных блюд фаст-фуда
Double Down contains «bacon, two different kinds of cheese, the secret sauce, Colonel… and all it between two slices of chicken on the original recipe.» KFC announced the creation of a Double Down in a press release on April fool’s day, and began to make it in the us on April 12, 2010.

9. Pasta in a pot of bread from Domino’s (Domino’s)
10 Самых странных блюд фаст-фуда
Domino’s released a new pasta dishes, served in a pot of bread, called the Bread Bowl of Pastas. This is a dish that is not connected with a pizza worth 5,99 USD per serving and is served in six ways: chicken Carbonara, Italian marinara with sausages, «снот rocket», chicken Alfredo, pasta Primavera, pasta with triple cheese and do-it-yourself option that lets you choose from three toppings on a pizza.

10. Double sense from Pizza hut
10 Самых странных блюд фаст-фуда
Pizza, with a loud name «Double sense» (Double Sensation), is actually two pizzas in one. The outer crust Packed with molten mozzarella, Parmesan and чеддером that arise from the holes in cork, and the outer part of pizza contains индюшину, ham, bell peppers, mushrooms and salsa.

Inner crust contains chicken sausages and cheese, but on the cake are smoked chicken brisket, zucchini and Alfredo sauce with pepper.

Unfortunately, this incredible pizza was only available in Singapore before the end of 2012. It is sold at a very low price in 21,75 dollars. for pizza normal size and 27,49) for a great, and she also participated in a Christmas campaign «two for the price of one».

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