Пара слов о фермерских продуктах. Слово второе

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So, on the wave of supernatural horror before nitrates, hormones and other “chemistry” in the us and Europe almost simultaneously gained momentum industry production of biological, ecological and organic products. Albeit late, but same story with us. Each obvious that the terms “bio”, “eco” and “organic” in Russia not cause much enthusiasm, that there are a number of reasons:

  • The epithet “biological” we associate with pistils and stamens, “organic” – with fertilizers, and ecology and no one at all interested. With such associations not make any money.
  • For the majority of urban residents – those who designed these products – the mantra of vegetables grown in the traditional way, doesn’t sound too премиально and brings memories of the summer slavery.
  • The vast majority of citizens – even those who profess a reasonable and responsible consumption did not consider supermarket and products that they sell, the embodiment of evil. In our climate and in our reality it is not surprising, but deprives the struggle of the small producers with the giants of the nerve and the anguish, necessary for visual story.
  • Sadly, our compatriots, including the top, not very fastidious in food. It’s long been understood domestic marketers who stopped selling food, focusing on its quality, and instead sell the image – intuitive and expensive.

green farm Пара слов о фермерских продуктах. Слово второе
Typical farm in the view city inhabitant

Fortunately, the only sustainable solution was on the surface: the farmers. The word “farmer” with the advent of capitalism has gained international flair, in contrast to непривлекательному collective farmer. Farmer toured the ownership on a brilliant imported tractor, fights with an inert thinking village алкашни, grows bellied pumpkin and cheese, embodying the image of the agricultural worker of the new formation. Over time, the attraction of the city dweller to farmer became unbearable, almost sexual – and sex is known best engine of trade.

A brief history of farm products

But even in the idea on the surface, someone must believe first. In the story of the farmers ‘ products, this man was Boris Akimov, the founder of the project LavkaLavka.

Discussion on this same Bench emerge on the Internet with an enviable regularity, and revolves they are not so many around the products, how many around the prices for them. With the tenacity of a human with the humbleness of our own destiny Boris Akimov parries: Yes, we expensive. Yes, several times more than the market. No, you don’t understand the logic of the pricing of farm products. No, profits we do not have.

But whatever it was, asceticism this story also does not smell (that in our age is normal). This became evident when, after the unprecedented success of the Shops on the Internet become one after another to appear shops farm products – with prices on the order below.

domashnie zagotovki ogurtsy malosoljnye full Пара слов о фермерских продуктах. Слово второе
Farmer salted cucumbers – photos from the site www.lukino.ru

Now, when the phenomenon of the Russian market under the name “farm products” can be considered a successful, it is easy to distinguish three models, which are selling products such enterprises:

  • Hub. Enterprising people, often very distant from agriculture, which undertook the functions of intermediaries between growers and buyers. Looking for first, seeking to attract second, get a Commission, not having the direct relation to the production. Despite the proud name “cooperative”, Shop – this is the mediatorial hub.
  • Farm. The present farming (or combining multiple farms), which produces products and want to sell them directly. In this case, the manufacturer and the seller is one and the same person that inspires confidence and very convenient in terms of feedback.
  • Rogues. Fraudsters who are selling supposedly “farmer” products, taking advantage of the fact that this label become a synonym for quality (why not, we’ll discuss later) and allows you to assign a price several times higher than normal.

Of course possible as a combination of the first and second models, and even – Oh, my – first (rarely second and third, but overall, these three versions of the classification is exhausted. Obviously, you can go to the first or to the second, and better not go to the third, but in practice to separate the sheep from the goats can be difficult. The reason is the lack of any certainty in the market. Enthusiasts may be plenty to promote the idea about the outstanding qualities of farm products and the support of the local producer, but without any certification of such products when buying is still rely only on intuition and trust the seller.

But that’s not the point. The most terrible shock is that even if a product – hundred times the farmhouse itself is nothing said about its quality and health benefits. And now it is time to move from theory to practice and talk about the farm products: what are they good for, and what – not.

To be continued

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