Анну Семенович срочно госпитализировали

Popular singer and TV presenter Anna Semenovich was in the hospital. As it turned out, the singer strongly chill underneath.

Pictures from the hospital where was urgently hospitalized Semenovich, have already fallen into the social network. After a while, when she was better artist herself has published the photos in your microblog, and told the fans, what happened to her.

“Good morning to you all! Here I am instead of Breakfast dropper of three bottles))) But I’m much better and I’m on the mend, and the doctors say that the crisis is over))) As was the case: I flew home from a tour and in the plane it was very cold and creepy barrel and I was very cold! The next day I had a very high temperature but I gave it meaning and continued to work, but after a couple of days I really felt bad and I would like to thank my doctor friend recommended to me chest x-rays of the lungs!..”

As it turned out, after the screening of Anna much as pneumonia. After such unpleasant diagnosis Semenovich were immediately hospitalized to prevent complications. Now the singer is on the mend.

I’m much better, thanks to the wonderful doctors, who is very kind and attentive to me)))“- written by Anna in Dropbox. And immediately appealed to fans to not repeat their mistakes: “take care of yourself!!! I ask you, watch it, with air conditioning in the heat, steam bones ache is not! But the excessive love for freshness, can bring to a hospital bed))) But nothing, I’ll be back in operation and you can see me on the New wave in Jurmala!Hope my wild cough by this time I leave))))”.

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