Как нам реорганизовать фастфуд?

Scientists have identified the relatively harmless for human health portion of fast food, namely fries, pizza and hamburger. It turned out that it is much less than we actually thought: only 1 pizza, 1 serving (250 g) of potatoes and half a hamburger a week. And more no, no.

You remember, most recently, some thirty years ago – we spent hours выстаивали in line to finally put teeth into a juicy bigmak, crunching delicious potato fries and then put all this dainties coke or Fanta.

Fast food restaurants have gained immense popularity. No wonder! For always bustling Muscovite hearty snack – very convenient. And for guests with перефирии visit exotic diner McDonald’s was an integral paragraph mandatory programs along with the Bolshoi theatre and Tretyakov.

Fast food spread quickly and aggressively. If in the 1950s in the United States, there were just 14 institutions McDonald’s, now it has more than 30 000 120 countries. Company is satisfied with the development of its business in Russia: constantly open new restaurants, visitors three times more than in Europe, in large cities, almost 70% of the population regularly eat their products.

That the history of thirty years? A moment. But during this time there is a rotation of 180 degrees in the euphoria is cancelled, and fast food is declared enemy number 1. Hotdogs and шуарма, sausage and sausages bred water porridge, noodles, mashed potatoes, popcorn – all these bad. Messages appear on new research scientists and all the more ominous warnings: a regular diet of fast food is a direct road to gastritis, diabetes, atherosclerosis, heart attack.

As always, the action is a reaction. The answer to fast food became movement Slou Food that originated in Italy in 1986. Were at its source journalists, which angered the intention of McDonald’s open yet another point of power in the old Milan mansion. Composed their Manifesto became the ideological Foundation of the alternative line of «Slow food». «We fell victim to a virus called fast pace of life, ломающего our centuries-old customs, forcing us to eat fast food. A reasonable man should be wise and be exempted from the speed, which leads the human species to extinction», – says, in particular, in the manifest.

Slow food calls for boycott of fast food, eat home healthy meal, keeping the traditions of the national cuisine, to support local producers by buying from them ecologically clean products, typical of the region. The popularity of the movement is growing quickly, already now it unites 120 thousand members in 132 countries.

And in England and the United States is more common is close in spirit слоуфуду movement Organicfood (Organic food). Even Prince Charles of Wales, fascinated by the idea of organic food, thirty years ago, bought an estate in Gloucestershire and engaged in organic gardening, announcing that the time has come to raise хиреющее traditional agriculture.

Currently organic products make up only a few percent in world agricultural trade. However, according to forecasts, in the coming years and demand, and production will grow significantly. They say that organic food is a luxury that can only afford a few. But there are many families who have decided to go on such costs to provide children with quality food which is so necessary for a growing organism. There are also dozens of young families, which are combined and buy organic products in large quantities directly from farmers, and it significantly reduces rates.

No sooner had we get used to the idea that fast food is unhealthy, a new misfortune! In many countries, became a mass phenomenon counterfeit food products.

Only for the last year food fraud has increased by 60%! Most often falsify tea, honey, coffee, spices, milk, vegetable oil, fish, juices. Natural products to replace the cheap artificial, which, however, look and smell even more appetizing than natural products. The average buyer will never know the real sausage from the one where no meat.

And what do we, the average consumer? «Carefully read the labels», – advised the journalists. But this requires the sight of the eagle, education, food technologist engineer and lots of free time.

«Buy products not questionable sellers and proven in the stores.» So while выяснишь that the seller questionable how many times poison can. «Try to buy products of local manufacturers, it is hoped that it has less preservatives». Oh-Ho-Ho, «hopes…

Nutritionists advise to use products, history which can be traced. What does it mean? For example, you know where to you on the table gets butter cow – milk – plant)and margarine? Or we know where it comes fish and шпротный pate or crab sticks? You should also buy those products, which have the lowest degree of processing, i.e. instead of sausages – the chicken or meat, instead of ready-made salads – fresh products. Of course, have to spend time cooking, but at a minimum of risk, we will achieve maximum benefit.

And still fast food began gradually to retreat. Almost every day there are new cooking sites, TV shows about food now not less popular than football matches, a book on healthy eating constitute almost half of the book market.

Thousands of people crossed the self-sufficiency: bake house delicious bread, make cottage cheese and yogurt, boiled jam and canned, dried, salted, smoked, marinated. And how many times you were going to throw out from the balcony of banks and yet at the last moment stopped. Suddenly useful?

Be sure to come in handy! Not come true secret century women’s dream put on the shoulders of the public catering feeding the family.

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