Детям – мороженое! Рецепт пломбира, который поможет растаять от счастья!

«… For the whole company
To bring home?
Not an easy task!
They can melt
From the sun…
And desire
Eat right way…»

E. Yablokov

With the onset of heat ratio for winter changes without notice?! We not only do not feel hostility to the cold, but even willing to voluntarily let it in their stomachs… as some cold dessert on a hot summer afternoon, for example, nothing is more desirable and more pleasant white scoops of vanilla ice cream (Well, except that a double portion)!

It may surprise you, but brand-family recipe of this delicacy, passing from generation to generation, I don’t have. What a news, right?!

None of my many grannies, nor even in the life of the mother never experimented with freezing dairy products. This is because simply does not need – my aunt was a Director of Khladokombinat, where I, as you know, was not averse поэкскурсировать. Dressed in all накрахмаленно is a unitless and necessarily boil-and-white, with a sinking heart I watched the lush pink-cheeked women control the different phases of preparation of the legendary «horns», «lights» and «gourmets». Pasteurizing, homogenizing, cooling, maturation, фризеровка, packing, hardening and packaging so many new and unfamiliar words! There, in ringing the cool of the refrigerating-freezing apparatus, lived aromas of vanilla and chocolate crumbs that are reflected on mirror-chrome, penetrated into the milk and cream, giving him a sweet, incomparable taste happy coolness and childhood.

Returning home, each time with a mandatory dozen frozen gifts, I could never think of that ice cream you can prepare at home. And because it is incredibly simple and very exciting. Cook it once, you want to experiment, experiment, experiment. And now you’re doing your business plan to establish a cafe-ice-cream behalf of yourself…

Well, enough of the lyrics! Give recipes!

Просто тает во рту! Just melts in your mouth!

A classic of the genre: sundae (this is when fatter 10%) adapted

Home interpretation of the Soviet GOST.

That should be:

Cream 10% – 200 ml Cream 30% – 300 ml (if you replace the cream milk, ice cream will acquire the status of milk), egg Yolks 3 units (in industrial production are used instead Apple pectin. In the home version as they would insure the ice cream from the occurrence of ice crystals). Sugar – 80-100 g (in General, to taste Pinch of salt vanilla Bean Starch – 0,5 teaspoon (this is only if the cream suddenly refuse transformed into foam)

Let’s go!

In a saucepan with a thick bottom warm (not to boil), 10 per cent of the cream with the contents of the vanilla pod. Leave for a bit. Meanwhile, beat the egg yolks with half of powdered sugar until the final dissolution of the latter and, continuing to mix, add a part of our cream.

О да! Собираем сливки! Oh, Yes! Collect the cream!

Now return the whole lot back in a saucepan. On low heat hinder-stop-stop before and creamy. This is not a fast, 15 minutes. The received mix well cool, but to do whipping mouth of heavy cream. Gently mix the cream and remaining sugar. (By the way, the cream should be well chilled, but not frozen.) Mix the cream with whipped cream and send in the freezer for 30-40 minutes.


Мороз и солнце! День чудесный! Frost and sun! A wonderful day!

If no special unit, you can simply put in the freezer with superfrost function and interfere with periodically, so as not to кристаллизовалось. In other words: just freeze the mixture.

And now attention!

Turn imagination and change (optional) vanilla at all that the soul desires: the peel is ripe lemons, oranges, lime, ginger (sliced thin кругляшами root), Basil or mint, dripped rum or stronger, if you find it. At the end of the final mixing, you can add a little nuts, candied fruit and chocolate chips and even syrup.

Taste after all, and markers are different.

Так вкусно, что мороз по коже! So delicious that argh!

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