Холодный сырный суп с базиликом (фото)


• Broccoli – 0,5 large heads

• Cauliflower – 0,5 large heads

Photo: maminklub.lv

• Carrots – 2 PCs

• Garlic – 2 large cloves

• Processed cheese «Dzintars» – 1 pack

• Grey bread with seeds – 3 pieces

• Fresh Basil – vetochka

• Dried Basil – to taste

• Salt – to taste

Peel the carrots, cut it and other vegetables and throw them in cold water. After the broth to boil, add salt to taste and cook for 15 minutes (check the carrot). Until the broth is cooked from fresh carrots cut flowers.

Photo: maminklub.lv

Dice the bread. On the frying pan add a couple of drops of vegetable oil, a little salt and подсушиваем (you can lightly fry bread.

Photo: maminklub.lv

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Photo: maminklub.lv

When the vegetables are cooked, select them and add to the broth melted cheese. Stir until dissolved and switch off. Give to cool.

Until cools soup, cook decoration of cheese – a special knife cut it in slices, put into a стопочку and cut some form. In my case I used the egg of a «Kinder-surprise».

Photo: maminklub.lv

Cold soup is poured into a bowl. Decorate with fresh Basil, sprinkle with dried, carrot asterisk hang on the edge of the bowls, cheese and crackers spread on a separate plate. Soup can be served warm. The taste is a little different. Bon appetite!

Photo: maminklub.lv

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