Десерты из черешни: топ 5 рецептов приготовленияДесерты из черешни: топ 5 рецептов приготовления
Ripe and juicy cherry – real decoration and gift summer. The taste of the berries is wonderful, it is possible to enjoy the infinite, and he can use for the preparation of incomparable desserts. WANT picked up for you the most interesting variants of delicacies with cherries.
Hot dessert of the cherries with granola
4 servings you will need these ingredients:
1/2 Cup sugar,

500 g of sweet cherry,

60 g of butter

200 g of honey granola,

1 tablespoon of honey
Cherries wash, remove the stones. Cut each one in half, gently put in ovenproof baking pan, sprinkle with sugar and leave for an hour, that the berries allowed juice. In a small bowl, mix thoroughly, muesli, melted butter and honey. Put the mass on top of cherries. Bake for 15-20 minutes at 190C. Serve hot. Before serving, you can garnish with fresh berries, fresh fruit pieces.
Cake with cherry-wood with pine nuts
On 10 servings you will need these ingredients:
For the filling:

4-5 tablespoons apricot jam,

300 g cherry,

50 g peeled cedar nuts,

For the dough:

50 g peeled cedar nuts,

100 g brown sugar,

1 orange,

2 eggs,

salt to taste,

150 g flour,
1 tbsp of condensed milk,

1 tsp. baking powder,
140 g of softened butter,
2 tsp. vanilla sugar
Whisk the butter with the ordinary and vanilla sugar. Continuing soft, gently add the eggs and condensed milk. Sift flour with baking powder in a bowl and also mix with egg-oil mixture. Orange peel, cut the flesh from the film, cut into small pieces and combine with the test. Add a pinch of salt and pine nuts, again, all mix gently. Berries wash and thoroughly dry, several pieces can be put aside for decoration. Remove the bones from the rest. Grease the oil and put her first half of the dough gently smooth the surface with a spoon. Top evenly put cherries. Preheat oven to 180 C. Put the berries remaining dough, again uniformly smooth surface and bake 5560 minutes Ready cake remove from the oven and allow to cool. At this time, apricot jam heat in the apartment on low heat for about 5 minutes. Remove from the heat and carefully from all sides dust cake. Sprinkle with nuts and decorate cherries.
Клафути of cherries (French dessert)

On 6 servings you will need these ingredients:

40 g of butter,

400 g of sweet cherry,

150 g of sugar,

salt – to taste,

100 g of flour,

400 ml of milk

1 tbsp. powdered sugar,
4 eggs
Cherries good wash, remove from the berries of the bones. A baking pan greased with oil. Place in her cherry. Beat up eggs with sugar and salt. Add flour and milk. Thoroughly mix to avoid lumps. Gently pour the dough in the form of cherries and place in the oven for 35 minutes, pre-warming her up to 180C. Hot cake before serving, you can garnish with fresh berries or fruits, mint leaves and sprinkle with powdered sugar.
Chocolate muffins with cherries

On 6 servings you will need these ingredients:
260 g of flour,
180 grams of sugar,
250 g of butter,
100 g of black chocolate,
4 eggs,
pinch of salt
vanilla sugar to taste,
2 tbsp starch,
300 g of sweet cherries, pitted
First, the softened butter vzbit mixer, gradually add 3/4 of sugar and a pinch of salt. Oil should be air and посветлеть. Chocolate grate and carefully add the oil. Mix thoroughly. Separate the yolks from whites. Gradually add the egg yolks one by one to the oil, continue beating until smooth light yellow mass. Add in parts flour and stir with a fork. After you add the flour is desirable weight for a fruitcake long kneading. The longer вымешиваете, the more will be cake. Merge with cherry juice, pour it starch and add to the dough. Chilled proteins vzbit in foam with the remaining sugar. Carefully enter the proteins in the dough.

Cupcake tins oil, powdered with flour or bread crumbs, fill in the test only 3/4 of the volume. Bake in a preheated oven at 180C about 45 minutes. Before serving garnish with cupcakes taste.
Summer pudding with cherry-wood
On 6 servings you will need these ingredients:

5 pcs. of pieces of stale white bread, without crusts,

pieces of strawberry and peach (for decoration),

4 tbsp blackcurrant liqueur,

1 kg of cherries (you can take not only the cherries, and add the strawberries, black currant),

7 tbsp. sugar
Gradually heat 3 tablespoons of water and stir the sugar until it is completely dissolved. Add the liqueur and cook for 8 minutes. Berries thoroughly wash, remove the stones. Put the berries in the syrup and leave for 30 minutes. Bread is cut into thin slices and put them bottom and the walls of the form for a pudding. Put on bread layer berries, then bread slices. Stack layers, until the end of all the ingredients. Cover with cling film, top place cargo. Put in the refrigerator overnight. When applying you can also pour syrup and decorate with slices of fruit, mint, chopped nuts.

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