Диета на ночь: основные принципыДиета на ночь: основные принципы
Terms diet for the night, or the night diet appeared with the light hand of the American psychiatrist albert Станкарда in the middle of the last century. This specialist was the first who studied the nature of night binge eating and began to deliver dependent on this issue.
First of all, Станкард said that lovers tuck into a meal for both cheeks at night – people with a large bouquet of complexes, they have a dependence on the sweet, they suffer from hormonal disruptions in the body, metabolism disorders, insomnia.
According to the scientist, the fans overeat in the dark sharply reduced levels of hormones sleep (melatonin) and satiety leptin), which at night are usually raised. Therefore, people do not sleep, and to experience a wild hunger and cope with this disease (otherwise, to call it!) it is not possible. The doctor suggested such a diet for the night, which would have defeated my wish is when everyone is asleep.

The basic principles of the diet on the night

The first and most important principle night of the diet is to eat during the day. This means eating does not exceed 200 g, eat every three hours, compulsory Breakfast, the food should be enriched with fiber and protein (cottage cheese, cheese, idea, or chicken, eggs, vegetable salads). It is such a diet and diet stimulate the production of hormones of pleasure and sleep – serotonin and melatonin accordingly. So instead of late night absorb food, челоеку want to lay down to sleep.
However, everything went smoothly at first will not be the first days of the attacks of hunger middle of the night still tormented. At this time you can drink a glass of kefir, a Cup of unsweetened tea, a glass of water.

This diet claims to be a way of life. It will make abandon bad food (sweet, starchy foods, fried foods, alcohol) and help to lose weight for at least 6 kilograms per month.

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