Фанаты кубизма: 20 секретов идеального пресса

Waist – one of the most cherished of the estimated us parameters own body. If looking in a mirror, you decided: no limit for perfection! – don’t miss our today’s review. We offer you to fight laziness, tempting desserts and other habits and weaknesses, harmful to the figures. Prepare the body to fly and exit to the beach with us!

«My secret of perfect press – dances. And the abdominal muscles toned, and myself!» (Jennifer Lopez)

«Diet» for a beautiful press

Fitness instructors say: if not put in order the food, even after the daily exercise in the press, your stomach will not become more prominent as tight muscles will hide the fat layer. What are the rules of the diet for flat stomach?

Count calories! Caloric intake should not be less than 1 200 – 1 500 calories and more than 1 800 – 2 000 calories.

Follow the regime! It is recommended to split meals with five meals: three major and two during the tour for two hours before lunch and dinner. The volume of each portion – not more than 200 g, enough to satisfy your hunger and avoid overeating.

Eat! Fresh and boiled vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, honey, berries, nuts, low-fat dairy products, eggs, fish, seafood, lean meat and poultry, whole grain bread, cereals and cereals, beans, olive oil.

Drink! Freshly squeezed juice without sugar, mineral water without gas, clean drinking water.

Don’T eat! Smoked meats, salinity, fat meat, sausage, pastries, cakes, mayonnaise, ketchup, fast food.

Do NOT drink! Alcohol, carbonated drinks.

Give a reprieve! Once a week, for example Katy Perry with her on Sunday afternoon, burgers, you can pamper yourself at the Breakfast or a delicious lunch from the prohibited list, in order not to fall down.

«I always tell my clients: a nice press 75 percent dependent on the diet. Drink lots of water to avoid refined foods and semifinished products, giving preference to organic fruit and vegetables. Top 5 foods for flat abs is the oats, apples, grapefruit, eggs and chicken breast without skin» (Jackie Warner, Hollywood fitness coach, working with Alanis Моррисетт)

5 exercises for a beautiful press

Exercise # 1 «Breathe deeply»

«Lazy», but the effective load – regular retraction of stomach. This exercise loves Vera Brezhneva, because it can be done anywhere: sitting in the office, in the cabin or a car, walking with a child or dog. Complicated version of the exercise: sit down at the heels, breathe out, pull your stomach and stay in this position for 10 seconds. Keep your back straight.

The number of repetitions: 12-15

Exercise # 2 «Download “iron”»

Lie on your back, legs fold «diamond design»: feet combine together, knees spread them apart, trying to squeeze to the floor. At chest level hold the dumbbell weight of 1 kg of Effort muscles smoothly on three accounts, raise your shoulders, stopping at this point 5-6 seconds. Then, on three accounts, climb even higher. Slowly return to initial position for a count of six.

The number of repetitions: 12-15

Exercise # 3 «Learn to swim»

Lie on your stomach, stretch out «straight back». Raise both the right hand and left leg so that they back formed a straight line. Hold this for 10 seconds. Repeat the same for the left hand and right leg.

The number of repetitions: 12-15

Exercise # 4 «Arrange a Cycling»

Lying on his back, put his hands under his head into the castle, bend your legs at the knees and lift 10-15 or 30 cm above the floor. Spin the imaginary «pedal» 15-20 seconds on the average rate, return to its original position. Repeat the exercise.

The number of repetitions: from 5-7 to 12-15

Exercise # 5 «Grind bends»

Lying on his back, follow the diagonal twisting. Simultaneously lift legs and body so as to touch the left knee elbow, then take the starting position. Repeat the procedure by touching the left elbow to your right knee. Exercise is the average.

The number of repetitions: from 5-7 to 12-15

«My pictures are, unfortunately, have been retouched. Actually my press not so pumped up, and a more rounded and feminine» (Megan Fox on the advertising campaign underwear Armani, 2010)

«Sculpt» the press: 7 important facts

+1. Download press in 2-2 .5 hours after eating. Finish the workout with a massage of the abdomen.

+2. Do not load the press in critical days. The increased workload can return two days later after the end of the cycle.

+3. Do not strive with repetitions of the exercise: the optimum number – 15-20. The heavy workload over-trained press stops responding». For the same reason, to maintain tummy perfectly flat enough three trainings at the press a week.

+4. The best kinds of fitness for a beautiful belly and a slim waist, dancing, swimming, yoga, Pilates, aerobics and water aerobics, walking, skating and rollers, skip jumping, twisting the Hoop. Good effect will habit to follow the carriage breathing exercises and activities.

+5. Shaking press, do not strain the neck! The correct order of the ascents of the trunk, it should not hurt, even if you have mastered championship standard number of lifts.

+6. The fact that the lower the press does not work when you load the top of the belly, not more than a myth. All one muscular layer of the straight abdominal muscle.

+7. Cardio 3-5 times a week for 45 minutes should complement your work over the beautiful pressure, otherwise you will not be able to lose fat on your stomach.

«Want the perfect press and taut buttocks? My recipe – two hours of yoga in the day and “tons” of cardio. And again, stop eating all sorts of rubbish!» (Jennifer Aniston)

«Sculpted body»: cosmetics for the care of the area of the abdomen

A good complement of physical exercises and a contrast shower in the care of the area of the abdomen is a daily massage. He is performed using massage oils, simulating creams and lotions. Part of these funds is extract of pepper of Chile, menthol, marine collagen, caffeine and other active components. Do the procedure can be folded fingers, massage варежкой or brush, alternating during 3-5 minutes circular stroking and pinching before the feeling of pleasant warmth.

Lifting and detoxifying effect and reduced fat waist will also ensure the mud, clay, algae masks and wraps. Apply prepared according to the instructions of a mixture of the body, turn around food film in several layers, after 30 minutes, rinse off. After the massage and wrapping don’t forget to apply the abdominal skin nourishing cream.

«Modern girls dream of the blue eyes and long legs women in Scandinavia, full lips Spanish, classical Roman nose, flawlessly smooth skin, like Asians, but with the California tan, the “fifth point”, as the Jamaican dancers, the small size of the foot, as the Japanese, press the owner of the gym, hips nine year old boy, hands Michelle Obama and chest like a Barbie doll. When women understand that all forms and dimensions are beautiful?» (Tina Fey)

Do you have secrets sexual waist and tempting flat tummy for envy «angels» of Victoria’s Secret? Tell us! Perhaps it is your advice will bring you victory in the weekly contest comments on WMJ.ru! Only don’t forget to register on our website is a need for feedback from the participants of the contest.

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Do press like Cameron Diaz!

Nice press for 10 minutes a day

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