Ради красоты мавританских женщин закармливают до полусмерти

In Mauritania, which is located between the Western Sahara and Senegal, women are encouraged from early childhood strive to collect as more weight in order to be considered attractive. Thick wife more desirable and is a sign of wealth and prestige in the country where the food is in short supply.

In his desire to get married and to please her husband, many women resort to extremely dangerous methods of weight gain – from forced feeding before taking the tablets, which are not intended for human consumption.

American journalist Thomas Morton was sent to Mauritania to study this problem in the framework of the shooting of the documentary series. Morton was not merely observe what is happening, but fed Moorish women, in particular, to take the pill and weight gain, to see what impact they have on health. The journalist learned that girls begin to feed eight years. To do this, in families enjoy almost

the same methods, as and when fattening geese for making foie Gras.

Once girls reach marriageable age, they are sent to a special camp in the desert where they consume 15 000 calories per day. For Breakfast they eat bread, soaked in olive oil and soaked in camel milk. During the day they need to eat as often as possible, in their diet includes meat goats, bread, figs and couscous. All this girls swallow camels milk.

Parents in Mauritania fed their daughters

Morton found that many refer to overeating as to torture, and if the daughter resist, parents crushed fingers on their feet mites. After the journalist few days eating together with the girls, he scored 6 kilograms.

«The feeling is that food

filled my stomach and now are trying to penetrate into my lungs»,

quoted journalist Mail Online.

In addition, due to obesity young мавританки more likely to suffer from ill health and heart disease.

According to the journalist, the consumption of such quantity of food he became ill, however, as it turned out, such a problem Moorish women face quite often. To avoid this, they found another way to gain weight, easier to stomach, but equally harmful to the health of reception of tablets.

One local woman said Мортону that drugs are a modern form of fattening. Women began using steroids, which are not designed for humans. In the end, growth hormones make their body disproportionate –

with a big belly, face and chest, but thin arms and legs.

The pill cause other side effects such as infertility and heart failure.

In another study it was found that almost a quarter of women in Mauritania reported the forced feeding from childhood. 32% of women and 29 percent of men in the country approve of this practice.

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