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Фруктовый лед: топ 3 рецепта приготовленияФруктовый лед: топ 3 рецепта приготовления
Fruit ice is the most delicious delicacy in the heat. It is useful both for children and for adults, as it contains vitamins and other useful substances, which are included in the composition of fruits and berries, and there is no chemical components. For women who are on a diet, fruit ice is also suitable as a dessert.
In the home ice made from fresh or frozen berries and fruit, add gelatin or starch (optional). Pour in special trays for ice or ice cream, or make a sundae dish.
Fruit ice can be моноцветным or colors, for this purpose it is prepared from a puree or juice of fruits and berries of one color or more, and fill in the form layers. Moreover, frozen each layer separately: until hardens one, the following is not administered.
Cherry fruit ice
Cherry juice 750 ml,
Water 250 ml
1.5 St. sugar
Water and sugar, stir and cook syrup. Then add the cherry juice, mix well. Pour into forms and freeze.
Strawberry fruit ice
500 g strawberries,
Sugar, 200 g,
Water 400 ml
Starch (optional) 20,
Of water and cook sugar syrup. Strawberries cook in the same syrup (15-20 minutes). A lot of kill in a blender. Add diluted in water starch slowly and in a thin stream. Mix everything well, pour into forms and freeze.
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Lemon ice
Lemon 2-3 pc.,
Sugar 150 g
Water 100 ml
Gelatin 5,
Lemons, squeeze the juice separately, and the zest of one RUB on a grater. Water with sugar mix and boil the syrup. Add the zest and boil it for a minute 50-10. Let mixture stand, drain. Then enter soaked gelatin and disengage until the homogeneous mixture is obtained. Add lemon juice, all mix well, pour into forms and freeze.
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