Gruut – пиво без хмеля

Regardless of how you feel about the beer, you know its three main ingredients: water, malt and hops. Further, depending on the variety and imagination brewer, in the course are spices and additives, but the beer in any case firmly on these three pillars, right? Well, in that case allow me to present: Gruut, beer, which is brewed without adding hops.

gruut 8 Gruut пиво без хмеля

Gruut – micro-brewery in the heart of Ghent, which opened in 2009. Of course, another beer in Belgium no surprise, so that the owners of the new brewery decided: their drink must be unusual and have a close connection with the history of Ghent. A solution was found: грюйт, a mixture of herbs, which in the Middle ages used in these lands during cooking beer instead of hop.

gruut 4 Gruut пиво без хмеля

This story is similar to an action novel: at that time the brewery, located on different banks of the river Lys, beer was brewed in different ways. On the right Bank, is subordinate to the Holy Roman Empire, brewed beer with the addition of hops. Among other things, it was believed that hop has a calming effect, which was very handy, because the monks, who were drinking beer, must have been thinking about God and not about naked women. On the left, where ruled France, the use of hops was forbidden, and local brewers collected meadow grass, a mixture which was responsible for the taste and aroma of beer.

gruut 1 Gruut пиво без хмеля

Now not so many Breweries that use грюйт, and Gruut only one of them is located in Gent and uses only grass, without the addition of hops (except for strong beer Inferno, where a little bit of hops is still there).

gruut 2 Gruut пиво без хмеля

Admittedly, beer turns out delicious, and it is impossible to say that there is no hops. Bitterness, aromatics – all on site. Prescription herbal collection, of course, kept secret: brewery has made a great job of selecting the best combination, and is known only, that the грюйта is wormwood, sage, Myrtle, rosemary, juniper and other herbs.

gruut 7 Gruut пиво без хмеля

Very tasty beer!

gruut 6 Gruut пиво без хмеля

Actually, this is the only brewery, very small. It is located right at the bar, where beer is brewed for myself and a few bars in Gent. For more serious orders traded in the brewery Bavik – there produce beer in bottles and for export.

gruut 3 Gruut пиво без хмеля

This beer is further proof of how amazing and diverse the world around us. As far as I know, beer Gruut in Russia is not supplied, so that the most real opportunity to try it out – go to Gent.

gruut 5 Gruut пиво без хмеля

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